Popular Business Marketing Trends


If it seems like businesses are finding more and more unique ways to reach you and your wallet, you wouldn’t be wrong. These days, there are so many different ways to reach a consumer that it feels like you never see the same business ad twice. Some of the most up-and-coming marketing trends are detailed below.

Show Your Support

Many businesses are tailoring their advertisements to not necessarily sell a particular product or service, but to show their support for social causes that everyone is talking about. Odds are, if your social media feed, local and national news and local organizations are talking about societal problems like homelessness, climate change or equitable healthcare access, that business leaders like Eyal Gutentag are directing their advertising staff to let customers know that their company sees the problem and wants to help those affected by it.

Influential Interaction

Another more recent marketing trend is that of using bloggers, vloggers and social media stars to promote a product or service. These self-entitled influencers are paid to influence their audience and persuade them to purchase the item they are promoting. This is a popular way to advertise a product because the influencer promotes the company in a way that is natural to their personal brand and tailored to their viewing audience. Often this kind of marketing campaign will consist of several posts detailing the product, staged pictures with the product in use, an informative account of why they find it useful and will culminate in the sharing of a promotional discount that their viewers can use. Viewers trust their social media network to be honest and to not accept a promotional product that they wouldn’t personally use, so this type of marketing is an excellent way to establish a trustworthy rapport with customers.

Targeted Outreach 

Many businesses are using the internet to literally reach their consumers where they sleep. With today’s technology, it is increasingly easy for a business to target an ad to a very specific type of customer. This is an excellent strategy to test potential consumer feedback, as it will be easy to see the click-through rate of one type of ad campaign versus another on a specific demographic. Similarly, a company can create unique ads to reach out to different consumers. For example, a company selling children’s fruit snacks can specifically target working moms versus stay-at-home moms with separately crafted ads; or they could do a small test run of the same ad on these two groups to see which gets the most traction. This type of targeted advertising is an excellent way to tailor a marketing budget to get the most value for the money.

It’s clear that technology has reshaped the way that businesses and consumers approach advertisements; with fast-paced developments in communication technology, it is easier than ever to interact with customers. Consumers today have an expectation that brands will be customized to their interests and involved in the community around them, so companies must be prepared to show the consumer products that are personally important to them. 

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