It is the era of digitalization. Once upon a time, it was believed neither to talk to strangers nor accept anything from strangers. But since the internet came into existence this belief totally changed. Nowadays, we talk to strangers through the internet and even buy things from the internet . How ironic!! The Internet surely has changed the way we live or think.

Nowadays we see everything from a new point of view. We seem to be more reasonable and upgrade our old beliefs in the light of more practical ways and so is the Betting. The Internet has revolutionized the whole traditional process of betting and made it more convenient than ever . Online poker is not new to us.

Poker is another card game. Online gambling is quite popular, as it has its own benefits. People choose online gambling over the traditional one because it is more convenient and opens the gateway to a whole new world. There are many sites and apps available to play and also teach you how to play.

What are the key benefits of playing online poker ?

The benefits of learning how to play poker online as follows:

  • Entertaining
  • Exciting
  • Convenience
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for All Budgets
  • Choice of Betting
  • Gaming Options
  • Privacy and Security
  • Bonuses and Reward


Poker is an online platform that provides you with the convenience and safety of playing online poker. online sites and apps provide you the luxury of playing it from the comfort of your bedroom.  poker is a platform that allows you to select from the professional poker player and form your own team. You are called the  poker manager of the team. Those players participated in the real event like the World Series Of Poker (WSOP), European Poker Tour (EPT) or the World Poker Tour (WPT) etc and according to their performance on those events you win the credit. Those credits can be transformed into real cash at the withdrawal.

Initially you can select 10 players and after achieving the certain pre decided credits, you can select 12 players. Once the team is drafted and the event begins, your team gets locked . Which means , you cannot make any changes from hereby . You can keep the tab of the performance of players by clicking on the ‘my team’ tab .

Player points are awarded based on real poker players competing in real poker events finishing in the money. The number of points awarded is calculated based on what position the player finishes, how many people played in the event and the size of the buy-in for the event. If a player finishes “in the money”, they will score points for your team. The better the player does, the more points they will score for your team.


poker is one of the best games to play on the Internet. As it not only satisfies our thirst of gambling but also provides us with a safe and more reliable platform to do so. It is a quite reliable platform as well as also provides the comfort of playing it from any Corner of the world. Hence , it is more convenient than the traditional poker and at any given day one would choose online poker over traditional one.

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