Pocket7Games’ Bingo Clash Gets Spooky with Halloween Updates


Bingo Clash has a theme and three events for Halloween fun, providing competitions and ways to win prizes. 

The Pocket7Games Bingo Clash has two exciting changes leading up to Halloween. There are two weeks of Halloween events now available! You can win real money and participate in free cash tournaments. With a new theme on the skill-based bingo game, you can play against real players while enjoying the game’s spooky atmosphere. 

There are three events being held between October 18th and Halloween. The first event is a Halloween-themed dice tour. You can enter for a chance to win up to $500 bonus cash on each map where cash games are held. Just join the event and you’ll have a chance to roll the dice and win prizes. 

The second event is a week-long sweepstake in which all you have to do is log into the app to win rewards like Sparkles (that can be used to play the dice tour,) Tickets, Bonus Cash, and more. Whatever game you’re playing on Pocket7Games, you will be entered to win when you log in during the period of October 18th to 31. 

Third, the Lucky Pumpkin event allows players to win rewards by flipping over pumpkin cards. While the game of chance has limited entries and requires players to do a quest and play games to receive Pumpkin Tickets to enter, once you have qualified, it will be the luck of the draw to find out what’s behind.  

Bingo Clash has Halloween theme for the next few weeks to provide players with a fresh experience and festive atmosphere. You can get matched with other players at your skill level to have fair classic bingo games while winning exciting prizes and rewards. 

There are no ads interrupting the game experience. Bingo Clash includes tournaments, one-on-one competitions, and multiplayer game modes for your choosing. With various prize pools to choose from, you should practice and hone your skills before playing for higher stakes. When you have won prizes, you can have peace of mind with a completely safe and secured withdrawal from PayPal. 

Bracketed tournaments offer a chance to play against multiple players and rank to receive amazing prizes. If you’re competitive and want a great way to entertain yourself, pass the time, and win some awesome prizes, you should enter a Bingo Clash tournament. 

With prize games like Lucky Cards, the Fortuity Wheel, and others, you can test out skills and win all kinds of rewards and cash. Use Tickets to enter Bingo Clash cash games for free. If you log in every day and participate in various in-game events, you will be able to earn free Tickets and use them to play the skill-based bingo game to garner prizes and rewards. 

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