Planning a Career in the Financial Markets? 5 Reasons to Enrol For CRTA course to Succeed.


The world of financial markets is fascinating…..and vast. Thousands of instruments are traded in hundreds of markets using innumerable trading techniques. As an investor or trader, knowing some of the things that are interesting to us may suffice.

However, the scenario may be quite different for someone who plans to carve out a career in this field or trading. A career in the financial markets can be quite competitive, and hence professional training is crucial for obtaining success. Handling other people’s money is a tricky affair. Knowing the nuances can help you achieve a long-lasting rewarding stance in the financial world.

A variety of courses are available both online and offline which can help even a novice to be a professional advisor.

Today, we will talk about one of the first-rated training courses available in India – The Certification in Research, Trading and Advisory (CRTA) course offered by Elearnmarkets jointly with NSE Academy.

elearnmarkets is one of the leading financial market educators in India, who offer a variety of innovative and well-designed courses suitable for traders and investors of all expertise levels. NSE Academy is the educational subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India.

What is a CRTA Course?

As the name suggests, this course enables an aspiring professional to gain expertise in trading research, trading and providing advisory related to the financial markets. Trainees receive a joint certification from elearnmarkets and NSE Academy.

This equity research analyst course in India enables you to work as a professional trader, investment advisor or research analyst. You can also be a successful investor yourself.

The NSE CRTA training provides a comprehensive knowledge of all dimensions of financial markets. You can gain an indepth understanding of the products and tools commonly used for research and analysis. The curriculum has the perfect balance of theory and practice to enable you to learn how to make the most of the opportunities in the market.

5 Reasons to Enrol for it

Wondering if it is worthwhile to enrol for it? Let us give you 5 reasons to do so…

1. Learn the Best from the Best

The curriculum of this CRTA course has been meticulously designed by the professional educator team from NSE Academy and elearnmarkets. Starting with the basics of capital markets, it gradually moves on to advanced concepts such as NCFM financial modelling, NCFM technical analysis, derivative strategies and others to provide you with a complete understanding of the financial markets.

It balances theory and practice so that you are equipped with everything you need before you dive into real-life scenarios.

2. Obtain a Holistic Understanding

The main aim of this course is to provide students with a strong foundation and practical understanding of financial markets and products. The interactive and dynamic course includes 140+ hours of videos, live sessions and case studies. Additionally, participants use a number of interactive tools for obtaining hands-on understanding.

You will gain expertise on the various asset classes, learn trading strategies, gain expertise in financial modelling, NCFM technical analysis and much more.

3. Get a Certificate that Matters

When it comes to getting certified in the financial markets, what better name can anyone think of than the National Stock Exchange of India. You can obtain not one, but three certifications by completing this NSE CRTA course:

  1. Certificate In Research, Trading & Advisory – certified by NSE Academy and Elearnmarkets with lifetime validity.
  2. NCMP Level 1 Certificate having a lifetime validity.
  3. 3 NCFM Certifications having a 5 years Validity and 1 NISM Certificate having a 3 years validity.

That’s not all! This advisory course will help you prepare for all kinds of statutory certifications as well as other NCFM certifications essential for following your dream career in the financial markets.

4. Become a Knowledgeable Researcher

Trading research is a fascinating field providing lifelong opportunities for learning and growth. This equity research analyst course in India course keeps a research perspective. Thus, it covers the areas of equity, economic and technical research in detail and also provides an in-depth understanding of NCFM financial modelling.

Moreover, it covers a wide variety of financial products such as equity, commodities, derivatives, currency and others. This gives participants the ability to operate across markets and understand the interconnectivity between them.

5. Practical Knowledge in its True Sense

When we talk about practical knowledge, we visualise screens with tickers, charts, etc. Isn’t it?

This CRTA Course is where you use exactly those. You will learn using industry-leading platforms such as Trading View, Spider, StockEdge, Screener, elearnoptions and others. You will learn from case studies prepared based on real-life incidents. Access to an extensive database of research reports is also provided free of cost.

You also get free access to the elearnmarkets community which enables you to participate in discussions as well as get your queries answered. Moreover, you also get access to a Whatsapp community for regular interaction with your peers.

But the best is yet to come. You get to participate in live market sessions – one of the best ways to obtain practical experience. A total of 49 live sessions will be provided, distributed across various topics in the module.

This course packs up multiple advantages in one go. From multiple certifications to comprehensive theoretical and practical learning, this course is literally the one thing that you need to start a power-packed stance in the financial markets.

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