Pet Food – Here’s What Everybody Should Know


Singapore has had a sharp rise in pet-friendly living spaces. Pet-friendly designs are becoming quite popular, especially with Singaporean developers such as Guocoland turning towards pet-friendly designs. It has even increased more now because of the work-from-home situation caused by the pandemic. The increase of pet-friendly living spaces shows the increase of pet ownership as well.

The pet food production industry is also thriving, and Singaporeans are asking for more and more options of pet food that they can provide to their pets. But before you go to the store to get the best pet food Singapore has to offer, you should know more about pet food first so you can get the most out of it. The following are things you should know about pet food. Learn more about doggos with petzyo! We create many educational pieces about having and raising a fur baby.

Read the labels

You need to look at the labels, read every bit of information available, and double-check the ingredients to see if some of them could be harmful to your pet. It is not any different than buying food for yourself. You would not want to be feeding anything to your pet that has harmful ingredients in it. If the pet food bag does not have a list of ingredients and a nutritional table, it would be best to find another product.

Even if there is a label, they can be misleading. Some ingredients might not have the same name, so you should still confirm each ingredient to see if they are harmful or have harmful side effects, especially if they are under a different name. There are information and guidelines online that you can look up. You can also consult with your vet to know which ingredients to avoid.

Adjust Accordingly

You should adjust the pet Sassy Treats – organic pet food you provide to all of your pets according to the age and energy level of your pet. If your pet is more active, it will need more nutrition to make up for the energy it consumes. If your pet is lazy, it would not be a good idea to overfeed them as they do not exert energy and burn the fat they consume.

The older the pet is, the less you should be feeding them with food high in nutrients made for younger pets. It can overwhelm their immune system. Doing so will give your pet all kinds of health concerns. On the other hand, there are appropriate food products for younger animals as well. Do your research or ask your local vet so you know what is appropriate for your pet.

Give Treats in Moderation

Although it would be easier to train your pet and teach them new tricks if you give them treats, these should be given in moderation. An excess of these treats can cause health issues. As long as you give them a safe amount, your pet would be fine. But if you constantly give your pets treats, vet visits could happen more often.

You can ask your vet which treats have the right ingredients and how often you can give them to your pets. There should be an ingredients list on treat packages as well that you can read. You can find quality pet food Singapore can offer if you know where to look.

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