Perks and Benefits of Government Jobs In India


Every Indian household or parents have this dream for their children for work in government jobs. The parents have always been supportive when it comes to a government job. From job security to perks, these jobs top the list and attract everyone. 

The competition is at the peak as every year thousand or lakhs of students enroll in these exams. The few hundreds make their way in the job and enjoy the life-long perks and benefits. Every government department has its own set of perks that benefits the employee and family for a longer period of time.

We have listed some perks of government jobs

No extra working hours

The government employee has set working hours i.e. 7-8 hours of working per day. They are not liable to invest more hours once they punched out. The workload is in every department but they hold the privilege to leave office on time. There are lesser chances when a government employee has to work odd hours or do extended shifts.

Excellent pay structure

The pay structure of a government employee is far better than a private company employee. The increment, promotions, and salary after years of working in a government institution tend to increase.  The introduction of pay commissions and incentives increase the salary and provide financial stability.

Organizations like RBI, PSU, CIL, IOCL exams have a tough syllabus that makes it difficult to clear it in one go. However, the benefits that come along with these jobs make students study hard and fulfill their goal. The IOCL engineer gets a basic package of 10lakh per annum with accommodation and other perks. RRB NTPC Syllabus is difficult but the job is one of the most prestigious and the candidate gets maximum benefits. 

Government jobs are the most reputable

Government jobs are one of the most reputable and highly paid. Every department from SEBI to Ministry department jobs expenses are covered by the government. The few employees even get the opportunity to render their services on foreign land. These employee expenses are borne by the government and they receive top-notch treatment.

The Ministry of External Affairs every year has job postings on foreign land. The candidate has the liberty to carry their belongings of 1400 kgs with them and the expense will be taken care of by the government. 

The SEBI officials get all the perks with lucrative allowances. The basic pay starts from up to 1 lakh and other incentives. The candidate can start from basic Grade A can reach the designation of Director within years with a hefty bank balance by the side. The SEBI Grade A Syllabus is vast and tough which requires constant studies to get through the exam in one attempt.

Enjoy weekends & Government Holidays

The Government Employees get the pool of holidays and no working Saturday. The leaves approvals are an easy task, unlike private companies you don’t have to plan them before 15 days. The fixed holidays provided by the government are more than enough to plan a long vacation.

The 30 earned leaves, 180 days of maternity leaves, casual and medical leaves provided to the employees. The employee has the option to take sabbatical leaves if he or she pursues higher studies. 

Say no to medical expenses

The government job covers all the medical expenses of the employee and his family. There are a few departments that provide overall medical expense reimbursement. The employee can get avail benefit and free check-up at government hospitals.

Easy approval and the minimum rate of interest on the loan

The government officers get enormous perks i.e. free electricity, free phone bills, government transportation, and more. The employees can easily get a home loan, a car loan of up to Rs 20 lakh at a very minimal rate of interest. Their children can get the option of educational loans from RBI ranging from Rs 20 lakh at a lower interest rate. 

Accommodation and Security

Every government department offers accommodation service to its employees. They also provide rent allowances and other charges depending on their designation. The higher designation, higher residential accommodation with security guards, transportation, and other perks.

The IAS and RBI officers get the government to provide help, transportation, well-trained security guards. The transfers even come with all the facilities and benefits no matter where they work.

Retirement Benefits

The government never leaves its employees empty-handed. They have always been entitled to receive a source of income. The National Pension Scheme covers all the employees that provide them the money to leave their life peacefully. The employee gets the opportunity to choose their pension as they like.

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