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Whether you are a small business, a school, or a non-profit, Office 365 offers a plan that will suit your needs. Office 365 includes essential applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as collaboration tools such as Sway and Delve. It also includes OneDrive, a cloud storage service that allows users to sync and share files with other users.

Although Office 365 is not the cheapest cloud service available, it does offer more features than its competitors. Office 365 is a subscription-based service, which means you pay for it on a monthly basis. The subscription consists of a set of cloud-based applications and services, including Office, Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint. You can access Office applications from any Internet-connected device, and you will automatically receive updates and new features as long as you have an active subscription.

The Office 365 apps are accessible through a secure connection, utilizing 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption. These applications also feature antivirus signatures. They are also monitored by Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative, which applies security measures to help protect users from data loss or theft. They are also kept up to date through regular patches and other upgrades. You may need to purchase Software Assurance to keep your licenses current.

Office 365 also includes the Office Web Apps, which are a set of online web applications that work with full-featured Office applications to help users manage documents. In addition to saving and sharing content, Office Web Apps allow users to create content, such as presentations, spreadsheets, and documents, and share them with other users. Users may also use these Web Apps to collaborate on documents.

One of the more useful features of Office 365 is the ability to access your files from anywhere, even when you are not physically connected to the Internet. Office 365’s OneDrive provides up to 1TB of storage space. In addition, OneDrive for Business Professional allows users to edit and sync files stored in the cloud. A subscription to Office 365 is required to use OneDrive.

Other features of Office 365 include Yammer, a social networking tool that helps you to connect with people. It also includes Sway, a feature that allows users to create and publish content in the cloud. In addition, users can use Office Online to access WAI-ARIA support for assistive technologies.

Microsoft 365 is compatible with most popular operating systems, including OS X Snow Leopard, Windows 10, and even iOS. You can install Office Mobile, which provides a familiar interface for users of older Office formats, and supports several popular mobile devices. The Office Mobile app automatically updates every 90 days. It also includes support for XML-based formats. It can even print Word documents.

The Office 365 Message Center is a service that helps you to keep track of important announcements and other changes. It also includes a news feed, which lets you quickly notify your entire staff of new posts. You can also set up an Active Directory for single sign-on.

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