Patio – The Cozy Outdoor Room In Your Yard


Everyone loves the word patio, and it has become more and more trendy among people who have yards. Translated from Spanish, “patio” means “roofless yard” or “playground.” Traditionally, the courtyard or patio is a small paved area, turned into something like an outdoor room.

You can use a patio for recreation, reception, and a playground overlooking the garden. This is where you can sunbathe in the afternoon or dine in summer evenings. The traditional courtyard layout is at the back of the house. If you want a professionally designed patio, you can call Showcase Renovations to create a backyard that will suit your needs and best utilize your space. For more ideas, you can keep reading this article. 

It is important to find an attractive place with a view from the courtyard to the garden. After all, this is a place for relaxation, which should become a favorite spot for all family members. It should be comfortable and cozy but also beautiful. It’s best not to create it next to ugly buildings, vegetable gardens, etc. It would be ideal if you could see the decorative part of the garden, pond, and flower beds in the courtyard from it.

You can also make a small mini pond directly in the courtyard. An unattractive view on one side (for example: to the street or a neighboring yard) can be hidden with the help of a screen – a wooden or metal fence intertwined with climbing plants. It is undesirable to have large trees nearby, as this will dictate the need for thorough cleaning daily. 

A Water Feature around the Patio

As for the level of illumination, it depends mainly on the purpose of the patio. If you want to put a deck chair and a place for cooking, you should choose a place where you can get the most sunlight. However, in July at noon, you will hardly be able to stay out with guests and family. The solution to this problem is to shade part of it with pergolas.

Size and Outline

In any case, the size of the patio is usually at least 4 square meters. It is recommended to provide at least 3.5 square meters per person (based on the number of family members or the maximum number of guests). However, it is better to observe a certain proportion of the total area. The patio should be only a part of the garden. Next to the wall, it is made in a rectangular or square shape. It connects well with the lines of the house and facilitates the work of laying the flooring. 

A Leveled Patio 

A patio on several levels, divided into zones with steps, can look very interesting and have more irregular outlines. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

The cheapest and at the same time practical option is flooring made of concrete slabs. You can try to combine tiles of different shapes and colors. It is also good to add paving bricks, allowing you to reconstruct your yard in any shape.

Patio Lighting 

Patio lighting that you can dine on your patio. Lanterns can be placed on the house’s wall or mounted on poles. If wiring is not possible, use solar lanterns. It is important to be aware of safety measures when using them. 

Patio Made of Natural Materials 

If you are going to make a patio yourself, you can use irregular forms for making tiles. It is also worth trying to make a mosaic of broken tiles or natural stones. But it should not be too colorful. Of course, the patio flooring with natural stone tiles looks great. However, this is one of the most expensive materials, and it is difficult to work with. Wooden flooring will also look very interesting. But you should only use wood that has been treated and impregnated with compounds for it. The easiest way is to use ready-made grills in a wooden frame. In this case, the flooring Correct Constructions will not take much time, and the result will look great. 


Usually, a combination of two or three types of tiles looks good. However, you shouldn’t get too carried away with the variety of materials.

A few more tips…

To make your courtyard room as comfortable as possible, you can complement its interior with various decorations. It is important not to overdo the accessories so that the place does not look cluttered. Utilized patio furniture should not only be combined with the flooring but also go well together with the house’s interior. The overall design of the patio is the intermediate link between the house’s interior and the garden. 

Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of decoration of the patio is its green decoration. A potted garden, raised flower beds, pergolas, and flooring with planting pockets: These are all elements not only suitable as decorative elements for the yard, but they can also make the garden more complete.

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