Over 5 million people have used this prayer request During Coronavirus


This request is a powerful way to bring about healing for an ailing person. Over 5 million people have posted their requests. The prayer site was founded by the Benedictine Sisters of Yankton, S.D., and the Presentation Sisters of Aberdeen, S.D. The site is free for members to use, and you are not required to register. You can simply sign up for the email list.

OurPrayer website description

The website OurPrayer is a Christian faith-based ministry that has been in business for more than 60 years. Last year, they prayed for eight million prayer requests. In fact, they received over three hundred thousand requests a day. Their goal is to strengthen our faith by giving us the confidence to leave our worries and concerns in God’s hands. They are thankful for your support. They thank you for helping them with their prayers!

The prayer for Japan is an example of the power of praying in public. It is a call for the faithful to pray for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit the island nation on March 11, 2011. Hundreds of thousands of people have prayed for the country and many have used it in the past year. While the prayers are heartfelt, they are not always effective. In order to achieve the best results, you must pray in public. Having an audience with God is a powerful way to pray, and your prayers will be heard.

Help industry leaders find equitable

Similarly, you should pray for the safety of family members who are in need. As the patron of families, Blessed Joseph should look down on those who are suffering from disease and provide answers to these problems. He should also help industry leaders find equitable solutions for workers to be able to contribute to society. Whether you are in the midst of an economic crisis or facing a personal crisis, you can always pray for the health of your loved ones.

In a time of crisis, the power of prayer is a powerful tool for bringing God closer to people in need. Angelita A. is struggling to find a job after her cancer diagnosis. Despite this setback, she believes in the power of prayer. Thankfully, the service she uses is free of charge. It is available for individuals all over the world. This unique feature allows her to express the power of religion.

Prayer request World Concern

World Concern also offers urgent prayer requests for leprosy. The deadly disease affects more than five million people worldwide and has led to rising levels of violence. In addition to the endemic violence, fuel shortages have caused the closure of dozens of hospitals. Further, the southern peninsula of Haiti was devastated by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Aug. 20, 2021. This issue has hindered the rebuilding process of the country.

The ministry has a number of channels for submitting prayer requests. Its Facebook page, Nuestra Oracion, a RealTime Prayer Call, and mail are just a few. Its prayer requests get to the One True God and are answered. This is why over 5 million people have used this prayer request. And it’s not just limited to Christians, either. The prayers are accessible 24 hours a day, and they reach the One True God.

Difficult time finding job

If you have a friend or family member who has recently lost their job, you can pray for him. He has a very difficult time finding a job. If he’s in need of money, he needs help. The sister-in-law of Richard F wants to sell him their property and make him a homeless man. The family needs to get him into rehab. This case has caused widespread concern.


Over 5 million people have used this prayer request to ask God to change their situation. This petition is not just about physical changes, but it is about emotional well-being. This request is also used to ask for healing for loved ones who are suffering from illnesses. If you feel sad or lonely, you can send the DM a prayer. You can pray for him or her. You can share your wish with your friends.

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