Outrageous Outfits Worn By Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is a risk-taker; she’s always taking a chance to make something unique. She never fails to surprise us with her outrageous outfits on the red carpet. She can turn anything into an outfit, and it’ll be unique. We always look forward to her next appearance. Here are some of the most outrageous outfits worn by Lady Gaga. 

1. Silver Superstar 

In November 2014, Lady Gaga decided to show up in this silver shiny inflatable outfit at VIP Room Club in Paris, France. She’s a silver superstar that’s always looking to stand out and make a statement with her outfit. 

2. The Meat Dress

Back in 2010, at the MTV awards, Lady Gaga went above and beyond to make a statement. If you don’t remember it, we’re here to remind you of it, her meat dress. At the time, everybody was talking about the dress, but the truth is it was worn to make a statement. 

3. Theatrical Outfit

This outrageous outfit has a theater look to it. Worn at the MTV VMA in 2013, Lady Gaga came out dressed in white with a square cube on her head. You can never be surprised with this superstar; there’s always something new to showcase. 

4. The Giant Octopus 

If you haven’t heard, Lady Gaga took her chances and wore a giant octopus outfit to the Artpop Ball World Tour as she performed on stage in Florida.

5. Modern Lady Godiva 

In 2013, Lady Gaga made an outstanding entrance on the red carpet at the American Music Awards. She came in riding on a mechanical horse, with a lilac flowy dress and long blonde hair. Doesn’t it give you a modern Lady Godiva vibe?

6. Multicolored Outfit

One of the most recent attention-grabbing outfits worn by Lady Gaga was last year at the VMAs. Do you know how shoes can make or break your outfit? That’s never the case for this superstar. Instead, she wore a multicolored ensemble with super-high black boots. They’re certainly unique, but we still loved them. 

7. The Fur Look

From head to toe, Lady Gaga decided to go all dressed in white fur to the Roseland Ballroom. I’m not talking about a fur dress or a fur top; it’s literally a fur dress, fur boots, and even a fur piece to cover her head. 

8. New Year’s Performance Outfit

It’s all about being unique, and this time Lady Gaga went all in at her 2012 New Year’s Even performance in Times Square. Lady Gaga performed “Marry the Night” in a Versace bodysuit, a glittering cage around her face, and a matching mask for her eyes. 

We’re waiting for the next outrageous outfit Lady Gaga will wear at the next red-carpet event. She still makes a statement when wearing high-fashion brands for everyday outfits. She’s an icon this year, as was in People’s magazine ‘Best Dressed Stars of 2021.’

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