Outline of Lightning Rising Slot: Indicative Guide to Information & Features


In these modern times, with the advancement of technology, gambling games are massively changed to ensure more excitement. For that continues development of gambling games, a slot game is more than popular since ancient times. Although slots are not inherently social in Japan, but developers incorporate some well used social gaming techniques to socialize slots. For what the most solid representative form is Lightning Rising Slot. 

Lightning Rising Slot (雷撃ライジング スロット) is one of the latest features enriched online video slot game. It is exhilarating to play, especially if you want to experience the best graphics and theme-based designs online. Japan Technical Games (JTG) Company was officially announced that is released in September 2020 by WIN FAST. In this game, HD qualities graphics and a high probability of winning make an enhanced mood and interested in playing this game. 

In the section, the article will provide detailed information to play Lightning Rising Slot in the best possible way. Let’s know about this slot gameplay strategy.   

Part-1: Lightning Rising Slot Basic and Latest Information:

The Lightning Rising Slot is an online Video slot gambling game that has incredible explosive power. By playing this game, the gambling enthusiasts have the expectation to apply up to 30 times more multipliers to the reward earned with whole the symbols. It is established by JTG’s particular brand WIN FAST. You can easily play this game with lots of fun, which is the main motto of this developer company. 

Indeed, this Lightning Rising Slot is unlike the 3×3 pachislot slot, where included 3 reels electric shock rising slot, 3 reels at the center, and  2 reels at both ends. One more specification that it has 6 paylines for Dengeki Rising, which make it more worthy than from the JTG’s well-established slots.

In addition, this new configuration slot game is based on an electric shock rising theme, which will give you variant shape experience than other competition. Although playing composition slightly different from the overall slot style, it makes your winning possibility more than.

Part-2: The Various Unique Features of the Lightning Rising Slot

Lightning symbol: 

In this game, one of the most vital points is the lightning symbol. It is plays a significant role in the largest winning prize. When you start the game, this symbol appears every time; then, the multiplier will be added that is a necessary factor for winning the game. 

Besides, you can set the maximum multiplier value to 30 times. The multiplier status would be displayed in the form of “x numbers” at the top of the screen.

Raigeki Rush: 

Every gambling game free spins triggered is the key to make money. In this game, the Raigeki Rush stage is an essential part of increasing the base price that helps to activate the free spin. Although how the number of free spins you can get is rely on the respin appeared, you can get at least three. 

Actually, while the standard game is in progress and the reel three times in a row comes, then the trigger is used to establish a paylines by stopping the lightning symbol. And it will become hit when on one lightning strike mark appears on the reel. Besides, if you skate in the middle before hitting three times in a row, this light will be reset and return to the zero states. In short, when you will ska three times in a row, the lightning rush will end.

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Raigeki Charge: 

Raigeki Charge is a vital stage for you because you can get multipliers at once in this stage. In this stage, the multiplier magnification is randomly from 5x to 30x; that’s why you will find an applicable multiplier for the prizes you have earned with all the symbols. Here the trigger will align the V special symbols.

Although the base reward relatively small, you can ahead to the lightning rush with the multiplier high to some extent, if the electric shock charge is over. Also link alternatif sbobet is the best casino online website.

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