Organic Sunscreen Application Methods


This summer, it’s evident that you should be using organic sunscreen, but what application method works best? Between sunscreen sticks,  sprays, and lotions (plus balms, if you count that), there are plenty of options that you can go with. Use this blog to identify the best situations for each application method and squeeze every drop of enjoyment from summer this year!

What Is Organic Sunscreen?

Organic sunscreen is the clear choice for any family for several reasons. Natural, botanical ingredients in organic sunscreens provide your skin with minerals and nutrients for a refreshed feeling after a day in the sun. These ingredients also smell better, probably because they are non-toxic, unlike off-the-shelf sunscreens. Organic sunscreen is an all-around better feeling, better smelling, and gives long-term benefits that big brands don’t deliver.

Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen lotion was the original sun protection, and it’s still preferred by many. Lotions offer an all-over application that takes longer than spraying but works for sensitive areas too. It’s pretty hard to ingest lotion on accident, so you are free to use it around your nose, mouth, and ears (as long as you are careful). Sunscreen lotion can be messy, though, and traditional formulas can feel greasy. Aside from more cleanup and a longer application time, lotions are a thorough, effective way to apply sunscreen all over.

Sunscreen Spray

The spray version of sunscreen is ideal for all-over applications. At the beach or a water park? It’s handy to have a bottle of spray sunscreen when you need to cover your entire body. Just be wary that you are not supposed to ingest the mist. While it may not be a common problem, over-consumption of spray sunscreen can lead to health issues, especially when the formula contains toxic ingredients. Using organic sunscreen spray is the easiest way to avoid health concerns in regards to sunscreen.

Sunscreen Sticks

Sunscreen Sticks are perfect for a variety of uses. Throw an organic sunscreen stick in your purse, backpack, car, or wherever you will remember it to stay protected without consuming a ton of space. The stick version of sunscreen is ideal for travel, tight spaces, and travel bags where you may not have the room to spare. Stick application is easy to control, making this product ideal for covering sensitive areas, such as the face, ears, neck, and other places where you may not want to spray. These are also the areas that need protection daily, which is why you should pack an organic sunscreen stick everywhere you go.


There are several ways to apply your sunscreen, but the important thing is that you put some on. Each product has unique benefits that make it better for individuals in various situations, so take your pick and start the next adventure! We recommend that you carry a variety of sunscreen, including an organic sunscreen stick, a bottle of spray, and maybe some sunscreen lotion. 

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