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Sport is social, sport is fun because you can share the experience with others. This is the foundation of every sports organization, for many perhaps without knowing it. The sports community websites (sports community is an online community of like-minded people around the sport) should contribute to making every village a committed sports community.

Together sports for a good cause? With 안전놀이터 it has never been easier! This start-up has developed a platform in which sponsorship is fully digital. Moreover, users are encouraged to exercise via an online community. You can have a number of sports to select from. Handling an envelope is therefore a thing of the past! As a supporter, you can also stay informed about the progress and achievements of your favorite (fellow) participants. 

Professionals in ‘real’ sports are often busy with their body on a daily basis and have a healthy lifestyle. The question is whether the profession of e-athlete is healthy. Spending hours in front of the computer or PlayStation every day can have bad consequences. Lack of sleep, headaches and aggression are common complaints. There is also a risk of gaming addiction.

Will the eDivisie replace the Eredivisie?

In the 2016-2017 football season, the virtual variant of the Dutch football competition was launched: the eDivisie. This is the Dutch competition for the popular football game FIFA. All Eredivisie clubs are represented in the tournament by an e-athlete who competes against other players for points during the weekly rounds.

What gamers in the eDivisie earn on average is largely unclear. Some receive no more than an expense allowance and others earn a few thousand euros a month. Just like in the Eredivisie, ‘transfers’ take place regularly in the virtual football league. 

But why do football clubs want to invest time and money in a bunch of gaming teenagers? Commerce is the most important answer to this question. The football audience is aging and clubs see e-sports as the ideal way to build a young fan base and generate awareness on other continents such as Asia.

The media also take the virtual football competition seriously. Every match is provided with commentary and can be seen live on television and the internet. Who knows, maybe in ten years’ time we will be sitting with the board on our lap watching the digital version on a Sunday evening.

Is e-sports a real sport?

Whether playing video games should be seen as a real sport is a controversial question. It is difficult to give the term ‘sport’ an unambiguous definition. Some form of competition, physical or mental effort and a fixed number of rules are the most frequently mentioned requirements. Studies have shown that e-athletes achieve about 400 movements on the keyboard and computer mouse per minute. In addition, different parts of the brain are activated simultaneously.

In addition to these motor skills, a high degree of tactical insight is required to defeat opponents – in that sense you could compare esports to a mind sport. 

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