Online Slots Glossary


Like any normal glossary, the online slots glossary keeps welcoming new terms every year resulting from the slang from all around the world. In most of the online slot glossaries, you can find all the lingo that one normally comes across in any online slot at Slotzo. But in this glossary, we will introduce you to some unusual and rather uncommon terms related to online slots that you will find with the most expert players in the casinos.

Hit: A term defining a spin that ends in a win

Nudge: A term used for a bonus where players can move the reels up or down anytime

One-Armed Bandit: A classic slot machine type now being introduced in the online world, where the players can simulate moving a lever and place bets with real money

Penny Slots: A type of online slots designed for low-rollers particularly

Pick Me: A bonus round involving making a choice from a series of icons for winning rewards

Onesies: A category of players who keep their bets to the minimum, usually one coin per bet

Payout Percentage: An average figure determined for each online slot machine according to which, rewards are paid out to the players against a base of one hundred dollars.

Random Number Generator (RNG): A special software operating in every online slot machine to ensure the transparency of the gameplay; it is responsible for keeping the spin combinations random at all times

Trail: A unique bonus feature involving a track or a ladder leading to prizes, which players are required to pass through

Sim Slots: A short version of simulating slots that can be simply called as video slots

Win-Both-Ways: A slot with gameplay involving pay lines that are functional in both the directions and offering prizes without any restriction of direction

Tight Machine: A slot machine that is notorious for paying out less frequently and in lesser amounts

Tilt: A term defining a malfunction in a slot machine

Skill Bonus: A bonus feature that involves any form of a skill game

Skill Stop: Action of stopping the reels manually

Static: A term defining a fixed jackpot value that does not increase with every win

Progressive Jackpot: The opposite of static jackpot as it increases in value with every win; one winning combo can trigger the jackpot

Annuity Winner: A type of jackpot that is paid out over a defined period in instalments

Big Bertha: A special term used for eye-catching online slot games that stand out from the crowd and involve multiple reels

Candle: A term used for a light present at the top of any classic slot game; it serves as an instant help call

Comps: The short version of complimentary rewards available for regular players only

I-Slot: A unique function in an online slot allowing players to enjoy a bonus round when convenient by saving their current progress

These terms are just the tip of the iceberg. You can learn more by diving deep into the online slots world; the more you play, the more you learn!

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