Online medicine shopping scam


Are you aware of the online medicine shopping scams? Do you know how to protect yourself from getting scammed?

Using an online medicine delivery app to order medicines is a minute job and can be done from your seat. Convenience and cost-effectivity on medicines make purchasing medicines from an online medicine delivery app easier.

But, with an increase in the number of online medicine shopping apps and users, money and medicine scams have increased by little.

Why is online medicine shopping unsafe nowadays?

  • Many online medicine shopping sites are not registered or licensed by the government. So, purchasing medicines from them could be unsafe.
  • Many online medicine shopping apps do not ask for a valid prescription before selling medicines, which is a crime. Consuming specific medicines bought without a prescription could potentially be life-threatening.
  • Many apps sell medicines that are not government-approved or tested. So, bought medicines could be expired, diluted, altered, or fake and could harm the consumers.
  • Many online medicine shopping sites attract customers by huge discounts that are too good to be true and may lead to a scam.
  • Fake medicine purchase sites don’t list their address and phone number or show their location outside the country or an unknown region. They even offer to ship internationally.
  • Many online medicine shopping sites don’t have protected or secured URLs. Thus, the site may misuse added personal and financial information given by you.

An increase in scams doesn’t mean you have to stop purchasing medicines from an online medicine delivery app but being careful while purchasing.

How to protect yourself from an online medicine shopping scam?

  • Check if the online medicine delivery app you are using is registered or not?
  • Confirm if the app sells medicines with or without a valid prescription.
  • Confirm medicines sold by your online medicine delivery app are government-approved.
  • Don’t get attracted by the slick design of the website and check for the ratings and reviews of the app or medicines it is selling.
  • Opt for those apps that offer legit discounts on medicines.
  • Check for the address and number of the online medicine shopping websites.
  • Confirm if the medicine purchasing website has a protected URL. Look for the lock in the left of the URL address.
  • Do not give your details to the online medicine delivery app if it looks insecure or unsafe.
  • Do not open any false, irrelevant, repetitive, or strange emails sent by the shopping sites.

If you are still unsure about the online medicine delivery app on your phone, use Truemeds.

Truemeds is India’s first online medicine delivery app that guarantees to reduce the cost of your medicine up to 72% and supplies 100% quality medicines from India’s top 30 medicine makers. Truemeds understand its customer and provide a reliable healthcare environment.

Why are Trumeds safe to use?

  • Truemeds is registered under the RoC-Kanpur.
  • It sells medicines with a valid prescription to its customers.
  • It sells only CDSCO tested and approved drugs.
  • The app has been rated 4.1 stars on the Play Store and 4.7 stars on the Appstore.
  • It offers a legit discount of up to 72% on medicines.
  • Truemeds has mentioned all the details of the company on its website.
  • It has a well-protected or locked URL. You can provide your data to the app safely.

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