Online Gambling in Bangladesh – Freedom Within the Strict Law


Bangladesh is one of the most populous as well as most densely populated nations in the world. It used to be a British colony, and the overwhelming majority of its population is Muslim. Consequently, both Muslim culture and the old British laws influence the current situation on the gambling market in that country. The purpose of this article is to give you a brief synopsis of legal aspects of gambling, to describe some major online options available, and to explain how to start betting or gaming online in Bangladesh.

Gambling laws in Bangladesh

In line with the British Laws of the nineteenth century, all gambling, except for horse betting and lotteries, is banned, but the laws actually refer to the places or “any enclosed space” where gaming occurs, be it a house or a tent. It’s not clear how to apply the law to the virtual space of the Internet where most online casinos and bookmakers, like MostBet, are located nowadays.

All forms of gambling, on the other hand, are strictly and explicitly forbidden by Islam. It is sinful for a Muslim to earn by gambling, and, due to its addictive nature, it’s placed next to alcohol and isn’t permitted as it distracts a person from his responsibilities to God and his community.

Nevertheless, both underground and online gambling flourish and have in fact become popular recreational activities. It resembles the situation with prostitution: technically, it’s illegal, but the authorities either can’t control it or don’t seem to be interested in a strict enforcement of the prohibition. Besides, the government is still not quite able to police the Internet.

All in all, the Bangladeshi authorities seem to have more important things to think about, and they try to scare people away from gambling rather than eradicating the industry. Many people bet on a daily basis without any problems, and there haven’t been any reports of prosecution for doing it online so far. The main thing not to do, it seems, is to start your own online gambling site in Bangladesh infosportsworld.

Online casino

Online casino has only recently become popular in Bangladesh and is rapidly spreading around the country. Some local sites have been created, and the gambling act has been adjusted to the situation several times. An increasing number of foreign casinos licensed elsewhere are entering the market, which local authorities seem to be quite friendly to. Finding a secure site where fair play is guaranteed may be tricky though.

Many online casinos offer their players free spins with demo money, which gives them a chance to try out a new slot, and if they like it, to continue with real money as they please. But there’s a lot more than just slot machines: you can play table games, try it real-time with a live dealer and enjoy a chat with the dealers as well as other players.

Sports betting

There’s no Bangladeshi online sports betting, but local players are free to use foreign sites legally. It’s almost impossible to find any site in Bengali though, so the language barrier is a problem. There are some rare exceptions, however: MostBet, for example, has its entire interface translated into Bengali.

Online sports betting in Bangladesh is very easy, and it’s an incredibly widespread pastime too. It is especially so in cricket, the most popular game in the country, and there are large numbers of local supporters for the sport both domestically and internationally. But cricket isn’t the only option, of course. In fact, the list seems to grow continuously to include football, horse racing and snooker, to name a few. You can even bet on political elections and Oscar awards.

How to start gambling in Bangladesh

The first thing is to find a trustworthy site. There are lots of scams, so you should take your time to carefully check the license, customer support availability, acceptance of different currencies, software providers, and other typical indicators of a site’s reliability.

Funding your account is the hardest part as Bangladeshi authorities keep a keen eye on the financial traffic. Bank transfers and credit card payments are very difficult and sometimes even impossible. Once you’ve discovered a way of placing your deposits, the rest will be easy. Cryptocurrencies and payment systems, like Perfect Money, seem to be the most common options.


Despite the legal and cultural prohibitions, betting and other forms of gambling have become increasingly popular in Bangladesh. Since it can’t be done on the streets, online gambling is rapidly becoming the option. The local authorities welcome foreign sites, and the foreign sites welcome local players. Whatever restrictions do still exist don’t change the fact that people like gambling online and will continue to do it. Selecting a reliable site, completing a simple registration procedure and ensuring account funding are the only requirements for entering the blooming world of online gambling in Bangladesh thebirdsworld.

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