Online Casinos: A place of numbers


From a young age, we are taught the importance of maths. We go through school either loving or despising the word. We are sick to death of timetables and algebra. When have you needed to know the value of pi?

We are even in a century where any calculation can be googled, or we literally have a calculator in the back of our pocket. What a waste of school time that was…. or was it?

As pointless as maths seems it is used everywhere. We are surrounded by numbers; time, weight, ingredients, train times, Instagram likes, the list goes on.

Casinos are no exception. Casino locations are fraught with numbers and this has been transferred to the online casino games world.

Why are numbers so important to casinos?

If you think about a casino, either one in a location or an online one, what’s the first thing you picture? I think of cards followed by a roulette ball. The common denominator with these is the numbers. Every game in a casino has numbers.

Can you think of one without any numbers? I cannot. Even when you bet on something you are using money. Which once again links back to mathematics and numbers. Without numbers, a casino would seize to exist.


Online casinos are centred around probabilities. In simple terms, the gamers chance of winning. Probabilities of online casinos can be seen as even more important that land-based casinos. The connection between gamers and numbers are even closer when playing online casinos. This is primarily because online casinos must report their return to player figure (RTP). This means that the players will have a clearer idea of their chances.


If you are in the small population of people who love maths and the even smaller group of individuals who go on to study and create a career in mathematics, then online casinos are the place for you.

You should be fully aware by now that online casinos and numbers are inseparable and they cannot work alone (Like Ant without Dec or Peanut butter without Jelly, it just would not work).

For people who love maths, online casinos are like their idea of Disneyland. The probabilities, cards, money, analysis…. online casinos were made for math geeks.


Believe it or not, playing at a casino improves your mathematical abilities. Failed GCSE maths? Doesn’t matter. As long as you can count (If you cannot then why are you even reading this?) you can play. Every time you count your winnings, play blackjack or even take money from the ATM, you are using your mathematical genes.

You improve them with every game you play. So next time someone questions your online casino games why not tell them it’s for educational benefits? Sounds like a good excuse to me.

Online casinos are a place of numbers and if you do not believe that then read the article again and again until it sinks in!

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