How to Choose: Online Casino Malaysia or Walk-in Casino?


Getting a good casino Malaysia has nowadays been simplified by technology. This is mainly attributed to that the internet allows people to play in online from almost anywhere. It is not necessary anymore to spend time going into a walk-in casino. Because of this, the number playing in online casinos has also increased. 12Play online casino Malaysia is definitely one of the best online betting site you can find through the internet.

This is because such people are only required to have devices that can access the internet. But still, there are people who still do not understand the differences between online casino Malaysia and walk-in casino. By understanding the difference between these two types of casino it will be easier for you to make a decision.

Online Casino Malaysia Provide Freedom 

While playing in Malaysia online casino such as 12Play, you will have the freedom to play any live casino Malaysia games at any time you want on any day you want. This is facilitated by the fact that you can even wake up at night to play. This is unlike a walk-in casino where there are time limitations. If you get a reliable online casino you will just need to have a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. You will have the freedom to play even on the go provided you have access to the internet. But if you choose a walk-in casino you will need to consider the time you are playing. This is because you will not be able to play late at night or on certain days.

Availability of Bonuses 

When you choose the right online casino, you will be able to get different kinds of bonuses. These bonuses are helpful because they will significantly increase your chances of winning. Some of the bonuses you can get include welcome bonuses, birthday bonuses or limit bonus among others. This is unlike in a walk-in casino where there are very low chances of getting the bonuses. 

Traveling Cost 

In a walk-in casino such as Genting Casino, you will be required to travel to the location of the casino to play. This cost can be high especially if the casino is not near where you live or work. Whenever you want to play you will need to budget even for transport cost. But if you play in 12Play online casino you can conveniently play even at the comfort of your home. This will save you the transport cost and you will be able to get time to do other things. 

More Options on an Online Casino Malaysia 

When you play online you will be able to access more games than while playing in a walk-in casino. This is because you will have time to browse through the available games. Just by using your computer or phone you will be able to see all the available games. This is unlike in walk-in casinos where you might not have time to go through the different games. While on a walk-in casino you will also find other people there who might distract you while trying to browse through the available games. But if you are just at home or in your office you will be able to concentrate and browse through the games carefully. 


It is evident that most people are preferring to play in online casinos. The various benefits are making people choose online casinos over the walk-in casinos. The freedom provided by online casinos is among the aspects that are attracting more people. Therefore, an online casino Malaysia can provide you with a lot of benefits compared to a walk-in casino.

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