Online Assessment Overview And Its Advantages


Assessments are held to get a proper judgment on the development of the learning process in any institute. It is essential for understanding the weakness of the academic schedule that the college or school depends on. Every institution has its own set of technological tools and software for the sole purpose of providing a flexible learning atmosphere. To ensure that these tools are being imparted in the right manner, different online platforms have been drafted that conducts mock tests and official examinations for each student. Mypat is one such platform that conducts different competitive examination for aspiring students.

Online Quiz: The most ideal way to remove boredom and gain interest in learning from students is by conducting Quiz. Moreover, if it is combined with technology, students show a new level of enthusiasm and sincerity towards education. Multiple choice questions and forms are easy to fill up. No one has to write unnecessarily and the exams can be covered within a short period. The entire issue related to cheating and sharing of answer scripts can be overcome by dispensing a unique set of options for each individual. Google forms and other e-learning software can be used to take multiple quizzes to get the overall graph of student’s coping abilities. The answers and marks are sent individually to the respective email ids. 

Open-ended examination: It is used to obtain qualitative tests and analysis of a student’s learning progress. A student can freely present their ideologies and viewpoints in the form of an essay. You have to type according to the given word limit. Having a security system that can detect plagiarism and copied text is even more beneficial. It encourages the student to broaden their knowledge and participate in online debates held on different occasions. There is no automatic technique to check the articles written in this form of examination. Each invigilator will have to give enough time to go through the answers written by the students. 

How does the software work: Each online examination approach includes an official website that takes the responsibility to keep the record of the students who are going to take part in it. The students have to create an official account with their registered number allotted by their university. The teachers will have their special premium account categorized according to the subjects they teach. The software also contains several patterns of questions that have a high visual appeal. All the questions are stored in an in-built question bank. These are locked by requesting password protection to avoid leakage of any examination paper. At the stipulated time, the students have to select the given link to receive the question paper and type their details. After the examination is completed the marks will be sent within a few days.

Why online assessments should spread more?: Online assessments are advantageous not only to the students but also to the professors who are appointed for evaluating so many answer sheets. There are well-developed mediums such as myPAT that helps a student to prepare for their academic achievements by taking regular online tests. It establishes a temperament that enables the student to give in their hundred percent when it’s time to face the real challenge. You can study your performances in these tests to notify which areas need more attention and effort.

  • The most common and the most important benefits of online assignments are its ability to manage time and its adaptability to any preferred location. Students as well as the teachers have the advantage for remote examinations. This not only saves a lot of time and energy but also the cost to travel. Students can give their exams at their convenient timings also the teachers can have the option to choose their time to invigilate according to their schedule.
  • Online examinations are very eco-friendly. These types of exams don’t require question papers or bunches of answer scripts. So, tons of sheets of paper are saved which is good for the environment. In online assessments, students receive their question papers either on websites or through their e-mail ids digitally and they need to just choose the correct options or type them.
  • Online assessments help us availing a faster evaluation. They make the whole process a lot quicker than the old traditional methods. The results can be put out rapidly which decreases the tension and stress the students and their parents go through.
  • Taking examinations in offline mode is quite risky and doesn’t offer much security. There are often chances of the question papers to get leaked. But in the case of online examinations, there is higher security as all the question papers, student’s details, and other important information are recorded digitally, and also some of the staff members are allowed to access it.
  • Students who are physically disabled and require special care cannot attend so many examinations physically. They want to get the same tools and privileges as their classmates are getting. With the help of these modified forms of learning, necessary customization can be performed to lessen their efforts. They don’t face such troubles as they would have to if they apply for the traditional form of examination. Those who cannot type properly can opt for the audiovisual category to deliver their answers. 
  • The marking scheme and options are transparent to each student. There is no hidden information or tendency to make things complicated for the students. Necessary feedback and suggestions can be submitted in the specified folder to look after problems such as server failure, unstable network connection, and faulty submission methods. If any student has any issue related to typing, the answer can be written on a piece of paper and scanned directly to the link for collecting answers.

Conclusion: Since smart-phones and laptops are accessible globally, online assessments and practice tests are gaining attraction from some of the best academic institutions in India. Setting up the center or classroom for examination, the printing of the question papers takes a lot of time and hard work. But online mode cuts off all those works and makes it a lot easier.

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