Office Security Tips


In the 21st-century, if you are in charge of an office, keeping it safe is essential. Over the years, break-ins, theft by employees, and intellectual property theft are on the rise. According to the FBI, in 2016, for example, over 460,000 non-residential buildings, such as offices and stores, were burglarized. Now, more than ever, it is vital to safeguard your office. Here are five top office security tips.

Install an Alarm System

Alarm systems have become popular to install not only for homes but also for businesses. Installing a security system for your office is a must to help keep your office secure. However, you’ll need to do your research to ensure the one you choose is top-notch. Research alarm systems and go from there.

Install a CCTV System

A Closed Circuit Television system or CCTV is another security phase that has become popular in the 21st-century. CCTV systems are cameras and monitors connected to a closed circuit. Therefore, what the cameras pick up are only seen with a direct connection to the system. It is an effective way to catch criminal activity occurring in your office. As with other systems, do your homework when choosing a CCTV system. If force is needed, you will realise that our security guards singapore are prepared to act

Implement a Strong Employee Screening Process

Every person who works in an office should be heavily screened before they are hired. Therefore, owners and managers of offices should implement an employee screening process. Such a process would include a criminal background check screening, drug screenings, reference checks, etc.

Put Access Control in Place

You have employees working in the office you own or manage; however, that doesn’t mean that those employees should have access to every aspect of the office. That’s why putting access controls in place is important. An access control system, or ACS, restricts entrance to a room, a system, etc. For example, keyless entries such as key fobs and keypads from Securiteam are an example of added security.

Research a High Security Lock Installation

Security locks have improved over the years. Now individuals can purchase high security locks over traditional locks for their offices. High security locks are stronger than conventional locks. They have specific characteristics that make their ability to be compromised harder. Office owners and managers should investigate which high security lock would work best. Security Guard Courses is very important for the guard so that they are attentive their duty.

Office security is important. Follow these five tips to ensure your office’s safety. ACS Fire & Security is a leading security systems designer in Orlando so entrust them with your property’s protection

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