Office Move Tips

Communicating With Your Customer and Vendors 

It is important to let your customers and vendors know that you are moving offices. This allows you to maintain your relationships with vital suppliers and vendors. This is also going to help you keep your most loyal customers.

You can do this by including the news in your regular email campaigns or newsletters or issuing memorandums. It is also important to update your Google listing and post about the move on your social media pages and accounts before the move happens.

Decluttering Your Office 

Just like when you are moving to a new house, there are many items that you no longer use or need when moving your office. Because you are already in the process of making changes, it might be a good idea to upgrade some essential items. Below are some of the things to dispose of or replace:

– Old office furniture 

– Old computers, telephones, printers, copiers, and other electronics 

– Redundant items and office supplies 

– Outdated paperwork 

You can get rid of these items through donation drives or clearance sales. You can also throw some things out. For equipment and documents you don’t need for your daily operation that you aren’t going to need any time soon, consider getting a storage unit and keeping them there. You should choose the right business storage provider so you don’t have any problems in the process.

Coming Up with a Uniform Labelling and Packing System

You need to have a packing system when it comes to everyday company equipment and items to make sure nothing is misplaced or lost in the process. It is important to label the items properly because it makes things easier for you when unpacking. Color code or number the boxes and have a record of what is in what box because it makes it easier when packing and transporting the items. Invest in some 3 wall gaylord boxes.

Below are some packing tips you are going to need when it comes to computers: 

– Wrapping and taping each piece of equipment securely. This provides protection for the surface so it doesn’t get dented or scratched. 

– Avoid putting computers in boxes because they can move around the box and break 

– Don’t stack computers on top of each other or even other items on top of the computer because it can lead to costly damages. 

– Remove any detachable cables connected to the computer because the ports and pins can easily get damaged. Roll the cables then put them in a separate bag. You can then attach that bag to its corresponding unit. 

– It is important to have a backup of your computer data to make sure you have the data with you even if something goes wrong with the equipment.

Slowly Start to Move Non-Essential Items Before the Day of Your Move If Possible 

If you have the position of the new office before the day of your move, then it might be a good idea to start moving small, non-essential items (i.e., office suppliers, plants, excess equipment, surplus workstations, etc.) earlier. It is even better if you can manage to set up these before your team moves in. This is going to help in lightening your burden on the day of the move. It can also help you save on removals costs.

Make Sure All the Paperwork Has Been Secured and Filed 

Before you relocate, make sure the moving, building, and business moving permits have been secured and filed. You also need to make sure you have changed the address in the legal documents and billing statements. When you do this in advance, you are going to avoid additional fines and expenses when you are moving.

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