Northern Lights feminized seeds


Northern Lights feminized seeds guarantee a female army of top-grade cannabis plants. These buds are packed with limb-locking effects, mild cerebral sensations, and a cocktail of unique flavors and fragrances.

This powerhouse strain contains landrace genetics and has a host of cannabis awards under its belt. Northern Lights is a favorite of tokers worldwide, and it’s easy to see why.

Join us to learn more about this iconic indica-dominant cultivar. We’ll check out its effects, genetics, flavors, and most desirable characteristics. You’ll also get the lowdown on germinating and growing Northern Lights feminized seeds, along with some recommendations on where to purchase them.

Let’s hop in!

Northern Lights feminized seeds description

What are Northern Lights feminized seeds? In a nutshell, they’re the feminized variant of the original Northern Lights strain. You can also get your hands on regular and autoflower seeds.

When you grow feminized weed seeds, your plants have a 99% chance of growing into female-only marijuana crops. As a result, you get plenty of delicious buds and none of the duds that come from male marijuana plants.

Feminized Northern Lights seeds are fun and easy to cultivate. Beginners won’t struggle with these beauties, as they’re resilient, low-maintenance, and thrive with minimal assistance. These crops aren’t prone to disease, powdery mildew, pests, or mold, and they have thick and sturdy branches that help support their large buds.

The plants grown from Northern Lights feminized seeds are gorgeous and boast densely packed nugs surrounded by large sugar leaves. They have an olive-green hue and display purple and blue streaks, closely resembling the natural phenomenon they’re named after.

In their prime, the crops grown from feminized Northern Lights seeds typically reach 3–5 feet tall. Expect the buds to drip with resin, which is a sure sign of their potency.

This strain’s aroma is multi-faceted and surprises you with various scents and tastes throughout the growing process. Near harvest time, the buds grown from Northern Lights feminized seeds smell like fresh fruits and damp woodiness. When you light up, hints of pine, flora, spice, and mint make an appearance.

Have you fallen in love with this strain already? We know the feeling! Why not buy some of your own Northern Lights feminized seeds and grow premium cannabis at home? If you’re undecided, keep reading for more reasons to convince you of this strain’s superior qualities.

Northern Lights feminized effects

Northern Lights feminized seeds have about 80% indica and 20% sativa, although some phenotypes contain higher levels of indica-dominant DNA. This strain also boasts 1417% THC and less than 2% CBD.

Thanks to these pristine genetics, you can expect a blissfully relaxing high that soothes your body and calms your mind. The mild psychoactive effects offer an intense cerebral buzz, allowing you to experience a blend of physical and mental sensations.

The journey begins after one or two tokes. The buds grown from feminized Northern Lights seeds quickly start to work their magic on your mind, lifting your spirits and filling you with euphoria. A rush of creative, focused, and concentrated energy surges through you, making artistic pursuits or fun conversations a go-to.

The mental stimulation doesn’t last too long, but it gives you a calm and relaxed mindset for the rest of the ride. The main attraction here is the physical high.

It starts with a warm and soothing sensation that trickles down your body, easing pain and nursing sore muscles. If you smoke the right amount, you’ll spend your time chilling on the couch, but consuming too much will likely send you straight to sleep.

Once all the effects wear off, the buds grown from Northern Lights feminized seeds promise a peaceful and rejuvenating night of slumber either way.

Due to its limb-locking abilities, this strain is best used at the end of a long day or when you have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon. Take advantage of its healing qualities and let your mind and body unwind and relax.

As mentioned earlier, the weed grown from feminized Northern Lights seeds can overwhelm users quickly, so keep an eye on your intake. If you consume too much, you could experience feelings of slight paranoia, dizziness, or anxiety.

Normal side effects include a dry mouth, red eyes, and munchies, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food.

Northern Lights feminized flavors

The marijuana grown from Northern Lights feminized seeds contains layers of different fragrances. Its parent strains contribute earth, pine, sweetness, citrus, and mango. As a result, this strain has a strong smell of fresh fruit mixed with the aroma of a damp forest.

When you light it up, a different flavor greets your tastebuds. Expect a pine, spice, flora, and minty taste on the inhale, while a woody and earthy aftertaste lingers on the exhale.

Here are some of the terpenes that give the buds grown from feminized Northern Lights seeds their distinct flavor profile:

  • Myrcene
  • Beta Pinene
  • Alpha pinene
  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Eucalyptol
  • Limonene
  • Alpha phellandrene
  • Phytol
  • Alpha humulene
  • Valencene
  • Borneol

How to germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds

To produce the best cannabis plants possible, it’s vital to use an effective germination method to pop your Northern Lights feminized seeds. Before we explore three of the most common techniques below, let’s investigate the pros and cons of outdoor vs. indoor germination.

Many experienced growers recommend starting weed seeds inside, as it removes the factors you can’t control from the environment. As a result, your delicate Northern Lights feminized seeds won’t be at the mercy of the weather or outdoor temperature changes.

For the best start at life, all cannabis seeds need the following things to pop:

  • Purified water
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Temperatures of 71–77℉
  • Relative humidity of 70–90%
  • A damp environment without any excess moisture

Here are the three most common germination methods:

The paper towel method

The paper towel method is recommended by expert breeders and is often used by amateur and professional growers. It’s simple, reliable, light on your wallet, and only requires a couple of household items, including:

  • Paper towels
  • A bowl of purified water
  • Two dinner plates
  • Tweezers (optional)
  • Feminized Northern Lights seeds

Once you’ve assembled everything you need, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Wet two paper towels in the bowl and squeeze out the extra moisture.
  2. Place one towel on a plate and use the tweezers to lay each of your weed seeds on top. Make sure to keep about an inch of space between each one.
  3. Cover your Northern Lights feminized seeds with another damp paper towel and use the remaining dinner plate as a lid over them.
  4. Store your marijuana seeds in a dark, warm, and humid spot for the next three to five days until the taproots reveal themselves. Remember to keep an eye on the moisture and avoid any dryness.

The glass of water method

This method is easier than the paper towel one, but it’s not as effective and occasionally delivers inconsistent results. Nonetheless, you can still give it a whirl to find out how it works.

Fill half a cup with water at a temperature of approximately 71℉. Put your Northern Lights feminized seeds inside and wait for taproots to sprout after a maximum of five days.

Planting directly into soil

Cannabis seeds are very delicate during germination and can get damaged if you move them around. To avoid hurting their chances of survival, you can plant them straight into your growing medium.

Begin by soaking some organic and nutrient-enriched soil in water. Once it’s damp enough, put it in a pot and dig half-inch deep holes. Next, place each of your feminized Northern Lights seeds in a hole and throw a loose layer of soil over them. Spray your weed seeds with water regularly, and taproots will appear within ten days.

Northern Lights feminized seeds grow information

If you want to raise your own marijuana plants, you’ll love cultivating Northern Lights feminized seeds. This strain is easy to grow and offers several advantages. It’s resistant to disease, powdery mildew, pests, and mold. It also thrives indoors and outside, adapting well to hydroponics and soil.

An inside growing operation gives you more control over your plant’s environment, so experienced breeders often recommend this route for beginners. The crops grown from feminized Northern Lights seeds are short, so they suit indoor grow rooms or tents.

These plants are strong and easily carry the weight of their juicy flowers—you don’t need to worry about extra support or intense training techniques. Due to their compact stature, these crops can benefit from the Sea of Green method, which maximizes space and boosts yields.

For best results, keep the indoor temperature at around 70–80℉ and set the humidity at 50%. Trimming isn’t compulsory, but it can keep your plants happy and healthy. Remove unnecessary foliage and old leaves. After 6–8 weeks of flowering, you can collect up to 17 oz./m² of indoor buds.

If you grow your Northern Lights feminized seeds outside, remember to opt for a balmy, warm, and dry Mediterranean climate, similar to Northern Africa and California. By cultivating your Northern Lights feminized seeds in the USA, you can expect to harvest your bounty by the middle of October. The average yield is 31 oz. per outdoor crop.

Northern Lights feminized seeds genetics

Northern Lights is an indica-leaning hybrid that gets its genetics from Afghani and Thai landrace strains. Its exquisite lineage promises consistency, stability, and top-tier quality.

The true origin of Northern Lights isn’t officially known, making it a hot topic for debate. Some people claim it was initially bred in Seattle, while others believe it was born in Holland around 1985.

These days, you can encounter up to five popular phenotypes of the weed grown from Northern Lights feminized seeds. This famous cultivar has contributed its genetics to dozens of brand new hybrid strains, including Big Bud, Black Domina, Jack Herer, Silver Haze, and Sour Diesel.

Where to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds

So, you’ve fallen in love with this strain and want to buy some Northern Lights feminized seeds in the USA. How do you go about it? First, make sure your state is marijuanafriendly and allows its residents to grow, buy, consume, and possess cannabis.

After that, you need to decide between shopping at a reputable online seed bank or heading over to your closest cannabis dispensary.

Most licensed pharmacies carry various weed products, including flower, concentrates, and marijuana seeds. However, their floor size dictates how many items they can offer, which means you might not always find what you’re looking for.

Your alternative is to hop online and search for a reliable retailer of Northern Lights feminized seeds, like Homegrown Cannabis Co. When you shop at trustworthy outlets, you benefit from the following perks:

  • A massive selection of top-tier weed seeds
  • Simple and convenient payment methods
  • Guaranteed germination
  • Around-the-clock customer support
  • Helpful educational resources on dozens of topics relating to growing cannabis
  • Discreet deliveries
  • Speedy and secure shipping
  • Access to an online forum of dedicated marijuana enthusiasts with expert tips and tricks

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Soothe your soul with Northern Lights

Easy to grow, low-maintenance needs, and tasty buds that deliver hard-hitting effects—what more could you ask from feminized Northern Light seeds? This indica-dominant hybrid promises a mild euphoric kick paired with total physical bliss and relaxation.

Let your mind and body relish in the soothing sensations of Northern Lights. Use this strain to kick back in the evening before ending your night with a rejuvenating night of sleep.

Remember to check out Homegrown Cannabis Co to get your hands on some Northern Lights feminized seeds and start growing powerful weed that’ll make your knees weak.

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