No water? No life!


A list of natural resources is vital for human beings for survival on Earth in which water plays the most important part. Its purity and availability decide that where people can spend quality life. Earth has a large amount of water but it is not purely available in every part where human beings live. A specific quality of it cannot be used for all purposes like cleaning, washing, bathing, and drinking. We always have to search for bottled water especially for drinking which is suitable for our body. It is a finite resource but has limitations of availability and appropriateness for daily use. This natural resource has the power of creating a place through its supply because it is a source of development. We have commonly heard that water brings life so exactly in the development scenario, it plays a progressive role. It creates the will of life even in a delicate place. Many phenomena happening around the world revolve around it. Just take an example of plants, 95% of plants can’t grow without it. It helps in growing trees which bring life and oxygen to the world. Every other process needed for healthy life somehow revolves around liquid. 

Contribution of liquid in a human life

Traditionally, every country has tried to expand the fresh liquid supply by building up dams but now due to industrialization, aquatic pollution is increasing eventually. People face difficulty while choosing the best bottled water for them. The new world has given a lot of choices and competition. If we have to shop, we have hundreds of options to choose from. The brand competition has created problems for consumers because just for the increasing sale, the companies often compromise on quality. In the case of liquid supply, some companies claim to sell and deliver clean and pure water, but in actuality, it is just a filtered liquid packed in a captivating plastic bottle. Many companies add a lot of minerals and other ingredients that kill the true essence of consuming freshwater. In such a situation, there is a dire need to switch to a healthy resource like alkaline-infused rainwater liquid which is highly beneficial for the body. It not only plays the role of fuel for the human body but also plays important role in the functioning of body cells and tissues. 

Prominent role by liquid resource

Without any doubt, liquids constitute a major part of our diets, a must nutrient which plays a crucial role in functioning. People can survive on liquid alone without any food consumption. It is important and meant for everybody’s system, from tissues to every cell of the body, every organ functions on its intake. It is like oxygen for our bodies which supply food to every cell. It carries oxygen to our brain so that it can function properly. It makes our body permissible to absorbs all the important sugars, vitamins, and minerals. It flushes all the bad stuff from our bodies because bad toxins harm our bodies. When we change our weather, it maintains the temperature of our body. Our joints and muscles also need a lubricant for working and this role is also played by it. It plays an equally important part in the lives of every person be it is male or female. A generous quantity of liquid is required by our body for appropriate functioning. Our body is 60% liquid-based, 31% of bones, and 83% of lungs are liquid-based. Our body cannot store liquid like the hump of a camel. It continuously loses water in form of sweating, urination, and breathing. Next time, if you think about buying a cheap water resource, just think about its role that it is playing on our body. 

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