Newborn Shopping Guide


Thinking about the essential items to get before your baby arrives? Struggling to know which ones are the most important? 

Worry not; we’ve got you covered.. 

As parents, you need to get whatever your baby needs, both before and after their long-awaited arrival.

For your child’s well-being, you need to get many different items, from bedding to clothing to transport. 

But do not panic! 

To help you and accompany you on this great adventure, I prepared a list of all the essential products so as not to forget anything. There are numerous advantages to enjoy when your kids start playing with bath time sensory toys.

Find all of our buying guides to help you choose a stroller, bed, changing table, and, more generally, essential baby products to better prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Baby bath and hygiene equipment 

For the bath, consider getting:

  • A baby bathtub 
  • Baby thermometer
  • Soft towels 
  • A changing bad or mat

On the hygiene side, you will need:

  • Baby body and hair shampoo
  • Diapers and wipes
  • A soft hairbrush
  • Baby nail clipper
  • A packet of compresses and supplies for cord care
  • Diaper rash cream and ointment
  • Massage oil or cream, for those who would like to massage their little one

Baby Nursery Furniture

For the bedroom you need:

  • Baby bassinet or crib
  • A changing mat
  • A changing table
  • A wardrobe or a chest of drawers to store baby’s things
  • A baby monitor to keep your eye on your baby all day and night long
  • Bed linen: fitted sheets, mattress pad, and a sleeping bag
  • A night light
  • A deckchair for when the baby is awake

If you decide to breastfeed, get a comfortable chair so you can breastfeed your little one directly in the bedroom, especially at night. 

A cot or co-sleeping bed can also be helpful for the first few weeks when the baby is sleeping in the parents’ room.

Baby Meals Equipments

  • A few bottles (about 6 of different sizes): You will use the bottles if you are not planning to breastfeed or you want to mix breastfeeding with formula feeding. Later on, you can use them to give your baby some water. 
  • Bottle Brush: It is helpful to properly clean the baby bottles once your baby finishes his meal. 
  • Bibs: They prevent stains from getting into the baby’s clothes. We recommend you opt for models with Velcro fasteners, which are easier to put on and remove 
  • A bottle warmer: It is a helpful accessory to warm the baby bottle and give baby milk at an optimal temperature.
  • Milk measuring box: This is a valuable item when feeding your baby while outside of the house. They come in small sizes to fit in the diaper bag. It also helps prepare the proper doses for nighttime bottles as well.

Tip: Getting a high chair is not necessary at the early stage. The baby will not start eating solid foods until, on average, 4-6 months.

Baby Clothes

Clothes are also on the list of things to buy before the baby arrives. 

Here are the essentials to get:

  • About 10 bodysuits
  • 5 pairs of soft socks
  • 1 to 2 caps if the baby is not born on sunny days
  • 5 to 7 pajamas
  • Some cute outfits for outings and photoshoots
  • Two sleeping bags for the nighttime
  • A pilot jumpsuit and a wool jacket if the baby is born in autumn or winter.

Tips: When it comes to clothing sizing, don’t invest too much in newborn clothes and 1-month sizes. 

Try to get the bare minimum because babies grow fast and often carry them very little.

Besides, we highly recommend you wash the baby clothes with a hypoallergenic detergent before using them. 

Outing Baby Equipments

For your outings with baby, you will need:

  • A stroller that you will use from the first weeks. To keep it as long as possible, we prefer the convertible models. You can switch from the stroller to a mini-bed while away from home. 
  • A car seat that you will use every time your baby goes inside the car. 
  • A diaper bag to have the baby essentials wherever you go. 
  • A blanket to keep the baby warm during outings.

Playing Equipments

  • Playmate to help your baby with tummy time and explore the world around him.
  • Musical soft toys to experience the different sounds
  • Stuff animals or shapes with different textures

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  • 1 set of sun visor for the car
  • Mosquito net (in summer)
  • A teething ring and a mini toothbrush 
  • A humidifier for nighttime
  • Baby soap or detergent
  • Baby carrier, if you are going for a quick walk or a trip

For The New Parents

Parents also need some valuable items to use almost every day while caring for their newborn baby. 

Here are the basics:

  • A breastfeeding pillow for more comfort during breastfeeding or while giving the bottle
  • Disposable or washable breast pads
  • 3 to 4 nursing bras
  • Food reserves to put in the freezer. It will be even better if you can prepare a few dishes ahead of time and freeze them (you may not have enough time to prepare food every day).  
  • An armchair near the baby bed or bassinet to comfortably feed your little one

Hope you find this article a helpful one to get started with your baby registry, you may also be interested in this Newborn Ultimate Shopping Checklist


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