Nascar is an all-American racing sport!

All racing is fast and exciting. There are a lot of subcategories when it comes to racing, which is why there are so many racing fans. Different racing sports interest different types of people, who look for different things when it comes to the races. One of the most popular options is NASCAR.

As the title suggests, NASCAR is an American race. But what else there is to know about it? We will answer all the different questions you might have if you are not familiar with the sport yet. With our help, you will learn everything you need to know to understand why NASCAR is so popular, and why so many people bet on races using NASCAR betting picks.

What is NASCAR?

To begin with the article, we need to make sure that you know what NASCAR even is. NASCAR is an abbreviation for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Therefore, NASCAR is actually the company that sanctions and operates auto racing.

NASCAR is best known for stock car racing. Because of this, most people think of these specific races, when they think about NASCAR, and the company’s name is commonly used for the races. Hence this article will also focus on NASCAR stock car racing.

Stock car racing is a type of auto racing. In this form, cars run on an oval track and road courses. In the beginning, the cars were production models, but now there are special cars built for the races.

The history of NASCAR is just exciting as the sport itself

Since NASCAR is a very American sport, there is absolutely no doubt about where it originated from. NASCAR stock car racing became popular in the 20s and 30s at Daytona Beach, Florida.

American stock car racing shares some history with bootlegging. During the Prohibition, bootleg whiskey needed to be delivered to customers without the driver being caught. Because of this, the demand for small and fast cars rose. These cars were more often used to escape from the police if needed.

Many of the drivers used to earn their income by delivering bootleg whiskey. When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, there was naturally some decrease in the demand for these talented drivers. This is when many of the drivers replaced the bootleg whiskey with moonshine, which had become popular among the southerners.

NASCAR betting has become popular

NASCAR is still a fast and exciting sport, just now it is completely legal. Because it is so exciting to follow, more people have become more interested in its betting opportunities. Since most sports betting has moved online, also NASCAR betting has become more accessible for bettors all around the world. This way it has been able to increase its popularity even further. Even if the race takes place in the United States, and the bettor lives in Europe, they can still place their bets with ease.

The most important NASCAR Races

Talking of NASCAR races, we need to introduce the most important ones to you. That way you know which ones you should start off with when you want to begin with NASCAR races. NASCAR races are called series, and there are many levels of them. On a national level, the Cup Series and Xfinity series are the most famous options.

There are also many international series. Pinty’s Series, PEAK Mexico Series, and Whelen Euro Series collect racers from all around the world, which makes them even more thrilling to watch. There are a lot of talented racers all around the world, even though NASCAR is still all-American!


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