Nancy Etz Shares Why the World Needs More Female Leaders?


Gender must not be the factor in if a person will be a great leader —a person’s leadership capabilities must depend on the individual strengths & personality traits. But, in a lot of cases, women are not encouraged to take over the leadership roles quite often as the male counterparts and contributing to the imbalance of who is in the power.

Whenever women become leaders, they offer a different set of imaginative perspectives, skills, and, cultural and structural differences that will drive the most effective solutions. For bringing the creative standpoint, the new sense of skills and awareness can follow to unplug finer details, which might go totally unmissed from the naked eye. Let’s see what Nancy Etz shared about the need for female leaders.

Value work and life balance.

Women are great leaders as they can very well balance professional & personal leadership skills. It is simple to approach the women leader with a personal request, and sensitive question. I truly care about my whole team & their well-being that includes the performance at work & work-life balance. Women today are proactive in becoming the mentors, and at times it is already the open & communicative relationship that transition to mentor will be simple.”

Enhancement of the teamwork

Without any doubt, we have seen women demonstrate enthusiasm, passion, and capability for taking command of the situation when want to be (let us not look much further than mothers and female caregivers).

Women can make bold & wise decisions as to the leaders; it helps to make their team environment very less authoritative & cooperative, bringing the family-like to feel like a team. It boosts the teamwork over various organizations as well as helps to implement the new culture in the business.

Make good listeners

“Women will make good leaders as we take a little time to listen in place of reacting it in a right way. And we appreciate people & their viewpoints. No matter if they’re right or wrong, and we hear it out & make the right choice. We generally tend to give the people chances no others will do.”

Achieve better financial result 

In the diverse workplace today, creative ideas will be presented. It helps to fuel the growth as well as helps to create higher sustainability in the organization. Diversity in a workplace must not prioritize the women, but, have the fluid combination of genders throughout their organization.

The workplace gender diversity generally helps to increase creativity, productivity, staff retention, improves performance, and, established, increases collaboration throughout business. In the workplace study, around 21% of businesses will likely experience the above-average profitability in case their workforce has both the gender.

Prioritize Developing 

Whereas strong and focused women leaders are the lifelong learners keen to add some new skills, competencies, and experiences to the professional toolkit – they focus on developing even women. The mentor taught me to ask the question regularly to help and develop individuals in the team. How should I help you to be successful in the role? Coaching & developing others for playing their strengths will be gratifying but reverse mentorship & teachable moments are very impactful to the leader.

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