My Favourite Pieces of Unique Jewellery


My favourite pieces of unique jewellery are often those that can be worn by either gender. In fact, a lot of the time I’ll pick up a new pair of earrings one day and end up getting two or three matching pairs! I’m also partial to vintage pieces of jewellery. I particularly love old fashioned pieces with intricate designs on them, such as drop earrings made from tiny pearls. Vintage earrings also look amazing with long hair!

Very affordable

The best thing about vintage jewellery is that it’s very affordable. Many times vintage pieces are mass produced in China or other Asian countries, so their prices can be far higher than what you would pay in the West. However, if you buy vintage from reputable jewellers then you will be able to enjoy high quality jewellery at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t mind the price then this is an awesome way to find some gorgeous pieces.

Inspired by flowers

My favourite pieces of vintage jewellery are often those that have been inspired by flowers. If you look at some vintage pieces you’ll see that they are often encrusted with beautiful stems and leaves. This is how the gemstone makes its appearance: as a flower. Gemstones look great with both long and short hair, and can even look quite stunning against long hair! Some people also wear gemstones in their ears.

Encrusted with gemstones

Another great look for vintage pieces is those that are simply encrusted with gemstones. These pieces can look stunning with a simple t-shirt or simple jeans. You can even wear these with a vintage top that shows off your stylish flair! Vintage jewellery really comes into its own with a simple, casual outfit. These pieces tend to have a stark contrast to them, so it’s always advisable to add some contrasting accessories with your outfit.

Easily overlooked

Of course if you’re looking for a piece of vintage jewellery that can’t be easily overlooked, look no further than vintage pieces with a classic look. As with many classic styles, pieces with small and delicate settings tend to look their best when worn with black or dark coloured clothing. This is because these colours can help to bring out the luster of the gemstone.

At last

According to Carus Jewellery, when shopping for pieces of unique jewellery, you should always take your time. Don’t rush into a purchase. Remember, the piece you select will be with you for many years to come; you don’t want to pick out something that you later regret! Remember to enjoy your search for the perfect unique jewellery piece!


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