My Experience Starting a Company


I Took a Helpful Management Class

It might be the American dream to start a company, but no matter what people say, it isn’t easy—in fact, it can be a nightmare to get things moving!

For a leg up, I took a management class that offered insight into how to treat my future employees, how to keep business partners happy, and how to handle daily financial operations. My social skills have also improved I can handle high-pressure situations with a lot more tact!

Asked Some Professionals for Advice

It’s important to stay humble, and to be unafraid to ask for advice. I’m lucky to have successful friends who are more than willing to help me get my business off the ground; they are extremely knowledgeable and know what mistakes to avoid, because they’ve made a lot themselves!

In short, a big part of keeping any business afloat is not only learning how to bear through obstacles but finding a way to collaborate with other professionals who know the field like the back of their hand.

Got a Facelift to Look Fresh and Personable

Until a few months ago, one of my greatest insecurities was my ungraceful aging. Every time I looked in the mirror, it was like looking at a shell of my former self: wrinkles, gray hair, and sagging jowls. To me, it felt imperative to get a facelift, so I booked a consultation and bit the bullet, and now, I look incredible, and have become a lot more confident and assertive.

It’s an added bonus that being warm, personable, and attractive is an important aspect of running a successful company! After all, nobody wants to do business with someone who looks grumpy and uninviting.

Took a Marketing Class

Some time ago, I realized that I knew almost nothing about marketing, so along with the management class, I took a marketing class.

The marketing class covered all of the bases and helped me realize how important social media and search engine optimization are. There were, of course, some difficulties in learning and understanding so much material, but my attitude remained positive, and now, I have a whole notebook of golden information that I can always refer back to!

Consulting with Graphic Design Artists

I’m not artsy and couldn’t come up with a logo all by myself. I still gave it a try, because I wanted to save money, but in the end, I consulted a professional graphic designer.

There are a countless affordable design services online, but I made sure to go the extra mile to pick a stunning, memorable logo, because in the end, a solid logo ties into solid marketing: your brand logo should be pleasing to the eye and implement elements of psychology. There are certain subtleties that can make one logo more appealing to consumers than another.

The design I chose looks absolutely gorgeous; I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Taking Advantage of Business Conventions

Large crowds aren’t my thing, but when my friends began discussing the connections and valuable knowledge they obtained at business conventions, I was sold. The following week, I attended my first one ever.

So much of business hinges on effective communication, and I got great practice socializing with potential partners. We covered so many topics, and by the end of it all, I had filled half of my new notebook with advice to remember! I also brought a voice recorder to keep motivating speeches and particularly useful information.

After much work and deliberation, I finally opened my business a month ago, and it’s thriving!

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