Must-Have Plugins For Your WordPress Site in 2022


Throughout time, people depended on various tools and techniques to carry information, from town criers to newspapers and television. But nowadays, the leading resource for information transfers is the internet. We use the internet for everything, from our local news to shopping. But it wasn’t always like that, since in the early days of the internet, creating an easily accessible website was complicated. And for a website to be easily accessible to the public, it needs to be simple and easy to use. All of this changed when WordPress was released, as it became the leading website creation software on the market. WordPress had guaranteed popularity due to its open-source nature that was paired with incredible customization capability. This meant that you could customize WordPress with plugins to your liking and create a unique website perfect for your needs. And to save you some time, here are the must-have plugins for your WordPress site in 2022.

1. WP Force SSL

Before you even start building websites, you need to consider their security. It’s a critical component that needs to be addressed first. Otherwise, you’re building a website on an unstable foundation. WP Force SSL is the perfect plugin for website security as it provides you with an all-in-one security package. With it, you can configure SSL and gain the required SSL certification. And if you find manual reconfiguration annoying, WP Force SSL has SSL monitoring that will alert you if your certificate is running out. You can focus on other things while WP Force SSL keeps track of all your certificates. Another important feature is the WP Force SSL content scanner, through which you can avoid mixed content errors.

2. WP Reset

When it comes to building websites, mistakes and errors arise, so having a backup tool like WP Reset guarantees that you don’t lose your work progress. With WP Reset, you can go back to your earlier versions with just one click, saving yourself the time and effort of trying to wade through countless errors on your broken site. And to make your life that much easier, it even offers a plugin collection tool. This tool allows you to group up your favorite plugins and install them in bulk. You’ll save countless hours as all plugin installation gets reduced to just a few clicks.

3. UnderConstructionPage

Sometimes you don’t have time to focus on all aspects of website building. With a pressing schedule and complicated tasks, simpler issues must be addressed quickly. And that’s where UnderConstructionPage comes in, as it can quickly create temporary landing pages that let your customers know that you’re undergoing maintenance or adding new features. UnderConstructionPage is also perfect for new websites as you can create a landing page that hypes up your website’s actual release. You can use the drag&drop builder with over 300-page templates and millions of images to create a perfect “under construction” page for your business.

4. WP Sticky

As websites have elements of varying importance, there comes a time when some elements need to stay in focus longer than others. WP Sticky gives you the ability to stick elements to your visitor’s screens. This means that no matter how fast they scroll, your elements will scroll down. Making elements sticky is simple and incredibly fast, and you can make your menus, maps, and other elements stick in a matter of seconds. Actually, WP Sticky can stick everything you want.

And in case you have a WooCommerce site, must-have plugins are definitely two amazing WooCommerce plugins by JEM Products, WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping and WooCommerce Order Export. These two plugins are developed to help you manage everything about shipping and easily export the desired data.


WordPress is an incredible tool if you want to start your website creation journey. But it can be better, and these plugins make your workflow more efficient and effective.

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