Must-Have eCommerce Mobile App Features to Make Your App Stand Out


The experience of shopping has been changed drastically over the last few years. As the world is heading towards digitization, mobile shopping is an inevitable part of our lives now. With the rise of mobile technology and mobile devices’ usage globally, purchasing, billing, online payments, etc., are extremely convenient nowadays and the very factor for the rapid growth of mobile commerce.

eCommerce sales are estimated to have risen by 20% in the United States during the pandemic hit as people started switching to their mobile devices for all kinds of purchases to ensure contactless buying. As mobile shopping continues to evolve, businesses are constrained to anticipate the ever-evolving behavior of their customers.

TechAhead, a top mobile app development company, encourages eCommerce businesses to stay two steps ahead of their market competitors and adopt the latest eCommerce app development trends to thrive in the competitive marketplace.

Here are a few eCommerce mobile app features which you can’t really miss out on to make sure your app rules the hearts and minds of your customers:

Give Your Customers a personalized Experience

When customers are offered more personalized choices, product recommendations, and content, it undoubtedly enhances their shopping experiences. If you are not already using eCommerce personalization, then take it on priority. A recommendation engine integrated into the backend of your mobile app contributes to better traction.

Displaying personalized products based on customer’s shopping habits and offering products according to their purchasing experiences, such as their shopping price range, sizes, device specifications, patterns, etc., can help you offer customized experiences.

Flexibility in Payments

According to statistics, there will be over $274 billion through mobile payments by the end of 2021. Integration of multiple mobile wallets in apps to allow your customers to purchase using their preferred payment method has become a basic necessity now. It is of prime importance to navigate your checkout gateways faster. If your app still demands multiple inputs for credit card details, shipping address, etc., and allows limited payment methods, then your customer is more likely to skip the transaction midway. The single-click payments and multiple mobile wallet options, can make the customers’ shopping experience seamless.

Customer Privacy

As more transactions are being performed through mobile devices, the risk of customers’ sensitive data breaching is also expanding. For winning the trust of customers in your brand, it is crucial to take customer security seriously. Though it is impossible to produce a hundred percent data security, there are some practices that your app can pursue to reach as close as possible. Keeping your payments secure, your customers’ data anonymous, and removing all unnecessary cache files can give you better results on this front. Ensuring if your third-party dependency is safe is also crucial for managing app security.

User Experience and Easy Navigation

With customers being pickier and their dynamic behavior, making a positive impression on customers’ mind is indeed important. An intuitive and seamless UX plays a dominant role in capturing the user’s attention. By creating a comprehensive and strategic approach in providing a simple-minimalistic attractive design, clear interactions with shoppers, fast system feedback, attractive presentation of your products, and some other intuitive features, you can build a seamless shopping experience.

To make search results more desirable to users, various filters and sorting methods can be introduced. If your app includes a very troublesome process for navigating, this might be quite unimpressive for your business. For greater user retention, your app has to stand out in terms of UI and UX so that your user may find their time worth spending.

Influence brand with social Integration

Digital Marketing has proven to be incredibly beneficial in reaching out to millions of customers worldwide. Social Media can significantly boost your brand visibility which is evident from the reports, which state that 70% of businesses are on social media to increase their leads.

Instagram has appeared to be millennials’ favorite and one of the top platforms for brand visibility and marketing. Using attractive visuals, building conversations with the audience, tagging your brand ambassadors, etc., strengthens your brand image. Occasionally offering incentives like discounts, free products, and announcing giveaways to your users can make your business grow through word of mouth. 

Real-time Analytics and Multi-Channel Customer Service

Data-Driven business models in the internet-booming market can significantly be a success factor for your business. Real-Time Involvement with your customers becomes vital when there is a high abandonment rate in purchasing in the eCommerce domain. Even after purchasing your product, customer needs assurance that can be the best gift you can give them.

Monitoring the product’s current status, emailing, and messaging to keep them updated can establish your involvement better. Adding COD and features like returning the product, suggesting alternatives, customizing the best of schemes, giving fast feedbacks to their grievances through multi-channel customer service might potentially improve your business and satisfy your customers.

Here are some latest trends that can boost your brand and help you stand out amid the competition –

Voice Shopping

Voice Shopping can have a notable impact on mobile commerce in 2021. Optimizing your app with voice assistants could be an excellent strategy for your business, as voice-enabled searches are being widely adopted.

Mobile Chatbots

One of the best ways to provide customer service could be chatbots. Getting customer queries and problems resolved as quickly as possible improves their shopping experience and saves you a ton of money. Enhanced communication with your clients, and meeting their demands can drive more sales.


Creating virtual versions of your products can lift your online stores to an altogether different level. Enabling customers to touch, explore, examine, and feel your product gives them a perfect space. Instead of buying with trial and error, augmented reality makes individuals choose the products according to their desired space, colors, and fit, which can be a perfect deal for them.

How can TechAhead boost your eCommerce business?

The eCommerce development services at TechAhead, a renowned eCommerce app development company, are carefully designed to cater for the transforming needs of modern eCommerce businesses. Developers at TechAhead have 11+ years of experience in delivering cutting edge bespoke solutions as per the clients’ unique business requirements. With a team of experts, they believe in crafting the best mobile applications that can not only widen your reach but also help you connect to customers all across the world. If in case you need a future-proof mobile app for your eCommerce business, feel free to connect with TechAhead’s mobile app consultants.

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