Multiple Uses of Garbage Bags When Moving


Whether it’s the first or nth time, moving and packing a house can be daunting.

Also, buying adequate packing supplies and tools can drain your hard-earned savings.

The best way to save some money is by using garbage bags, a significantly cheaper alternative to moving containers.

These are a practical, multi-functional and versatile option to pack your stuff.

But that’s not all!

Garbage bags have many more uses that can make the relocation process simple and effective.

1. Transport plants

In the moving chaos, it may be easy to overlook your house plants.

However, it’s tricky to pack these green friends as they require adequate care and are quite vulnerable to damages during the transition.

Moreover, soil from mud pots can scatter all over your car or moving vehicle.

A simple solution is to place the bottom of the plant inside a garbage bag and the top part outside so that it gets enough sunlight and fresh air.

2. Pack clothes

Packing the whole closet can be challenging.

Garbage bags offer you the cheapest way to pack and move hanging clothes easily and efficiently, without any need for a box or suitcase.

Follow a few steps:

  • Make a small hole at the bottom of the trash bag
  • Place the hanging clothes inside the bag in such a way that hanger hooks can easily get through the hole of the bag
  • The top part of the bag should contain the bottom portion of your clothes
  • Use a rubber band or string to tie and secure everything together

This technique is perfect only for less expensive clothes. Pack expensive or designer clothes in a wardrobe box instead.

You must have adequate experience and knowledge to pack your belongings else you may end up with wrinkled clothes and damaged accessories.

It’s recommended to hire the best removalists in Perth who have expertise in packing and moving anything like clothes, electronics, furniture and more.  Visit  amd learn how they can help you.

3. Keep stuffed and soft toys

What if one of the favourite toys of your child gets damaged during the relocation?

Obviously, they will feel bad and may start crying.

Save yourself from the emotional turmoil by packing soft and non-breakable toys in sturdy garbage bags properly.

This will make your packing job far easier and you can easily identify the contents at a glance while unpacking a sea of boxes.

4. Protect electronics

Dust and moisture can wreak havoc on your sensitive and expensive electronic items like a refrigerator, TV, desktop and printer.

Wrap these fragile items with garbage bags to provide them an extra layer of protection and keep away dust, dirt and moisture.

After wrapping, make sure to pack electronics in solid containers, else you may end up with broken pieces.

5. Line up the cardboard boxes

Bubble wrap is one of the most common packing supplies to line up the sides, bottom and top of the moving containers. But they can be costly.

A garbage bag is a cost-effective alternative to bubble wrap. It offers extra protection and insulation to your moving containers against any external agents like mould, rain and snow.

6. Protect your floors

While moving stuff from your house to your vehicle, you may track dust and dirt onto your floors.

Floor protection is important, especially during bad weather.

The best bet is to place garbage bags all over the floor or on the carpet to protect them against rain, snow and mud and prevent them from getting dirty.

To avoid accidental slips on moving day, use strong tape to firmly fix the trash bags.

What not to pack

You must not pack the following items in the garbage bags:

  • Breakable and valuable items like glass containers, paintings, cookware, etc.
  • Sharp objects like knives, forks, mirrors, etc.
  • Books or documents
  • Bottles containing liquids
  • Hazardous or combustible materials

In the end…

From saving packing expenses to protecting your items, garbage bags offer a host of benefits.

You can easily pack your stuff and the best part is you can reuse it as many times as you want, making it an eco-friendly option.

Happy Moving!

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