Multiple Lenses For Your Sunglasses: Which One Do You Need?


To counter the harmful impacts of UV rays on our eyes, sunglasses should be your go-to outdoor eyewear accessory. But what should be your course of action when you are in need of eyesight correction too? In such a case, you have the option of prescription sunglasses. Just like prescription sunglasses that utilise lenses fitted with prescription, there are various other options of lenses for your sunglasses.

Before you go shopping for sunglasses, you must know about the different types of lenses that you can get your frames fitted with. Read on to know about them!

Prescription Sunglasses

For all those who wear prescription glasses, you need to make a switch to prescription sunglasses when you are outdoors in sunny conditions. Whether it is eyesight correction or UV protection, both are equally important under the sun. Your normal pair of prescription glasses will only provide eyesight correction, whereas a pair of sunglasses will provide both these functions.

While buying your prescription sunglasses, you will be required to submit your prescription. In case you are not aware of your prescription or if you think that you need an update in your existing prescription, you can get your eyes tested.

To find a perfect pair, your pupillary distance (PD) also becomes important. No need to worry as you can measure it by using simple methods.

Polarised Sunglasses

Along with the function of UV protection, the other function of polarised sunglasses is eliminating glare. Glare is very common in outdoor surroundings and is caused when horizontally reflected light rays reach our eyes.

With the help of a filter applied over their lenses, polarised sunglasses filter out the horizontally reflected light rays and this is how they eliminate glare.

You can even get your polarised sunglasses fitted with prescription lenses to ensure a perfect vision under the sun. For a safe driving experience, or to enjoy the natural scenic beauty to the full potential, or even to improve your catch during a fishing outing with your friends, polarised sunglasses are super effective.

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses differ from other lenses as they are coated with photochromic dyes that are sensitive to UV rays. On exposure to UV rays, the UV protection function of these dyes gets activated and they adopt a dark appearance, which depends on the intensity of light striking the lenses.

When you are not outdoors in the sun, transition lenses maintain a clear visual appeal. Once you step outdoors, UV rays are incident on the surface of transition lenses. With the change in the intensity of light rays, the colour of the lenses adjust automatically, transforming your glasses into sunglasses in an instant.

Talking about the style quotient of transition lenses, they are not only cool but also fascinating. When you move around with transition lenses, you will certainly fascinate their viewers.

Wraparound Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses provide that extra bit of protection as they offer a full peripheral coverage of the eyes. These styles are particularly a great option for those who are out in sunny conditions for a long duration of time and on a frequent basis such as someone like a sportsperson.

In modern-day fashion, wraparound sunglasses are also a big style statement and you can spot many celebrities styling these pairs during their public appearances. It is their offbeat shield-like structure that makes wraparound sunglasses a sensational craze among fashion enthusiasts.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Another variant of sunglasses that provide protection from glare is mirrored sunglasses. But then how do they differ from polarised sunglasses? The difference lies in the lenses.

Although polarised and mirrored sunglasses provide more or less the same function, they differ in the construction of their lenses, which also results in different visual appeals.

A thin metallic layer is applied over the lenses of mirrored sunglasses, imparting them a mirror-like visual appeal. The function of glare elimination is also performed by this metallic layer only. Although they have an opaque visual appeal from outside, enough light is allowed to pass through for a perfect vision.

Mirrored sunglasses are available in all styles and types, and you can even get them fitted with your prescription.

Clip-on Sunglasses

Another cool variant of sunglasses to add to this list! There are two parts that make up a pair of clip-on sunglasses – a normal pair of glasses and a pair of clip-on lenses with UV protective coating that is attached on the normal pair of glasses.

Clip-on sunglasses are very handy as you don’t have to carry both glasses and sunglasses when the need is to switch between indoor and outdoor spaces. Being an offbeat style, these pairs will certainly help you gain some bonus style points with your eyewear fashion.

Depending on the different ways in which clip-on lenses are attached to a normal pair of glasses, there are three common types that you need to know – namely, standard, flip-up, and magnetic. Choosing between them is totally your personal decision.

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