Most Featured Video Editing Software In 2022


Most Featured Video Editing Software In 2022

Video editing software helps you to make changes in recorded videos as you want. People make short video stories to share their memorable moments of life with others on their social media accounts and it has become a trend now. People need video editing software to edit recorded videos for a YouTube channel or save them as memorable moments. There are many videos editing software that has the latest features regarding backgrounds and video filters. 

Are you searching for an easy and time-saving YouTube video editor? There are many video editors which let you edit your videos and make unique videos using features. Filmora video editing software is the topmost YouTube video editor which has all the advanced features and tools to edit your clips in no time. You can install this software on your windows operating system for making your videos more attractive. Wondershare is offering you the topmost video editing software for making your wanted changes in your video clips. The software is free to download and safe to use on your windows operating system having a 64bit system. 

What is Filmora video editing software?

Filmora video editing software has all the advanced features and tools to make all wanted changes in your clips. You can change the background of the video clips and add new background online or from your system. Apply new filters on videos to get awesome views and color combinations. You can change the color combination of your videos and add new effects using HD filters. YouTube video editors can use Filmora video editing software for adding new sounds and tracks to the video. 

The software lets the user enjoy all advanced features for free and securely. Wondershare has the best pricing plans for individual and business video editing needs. Use the software to edit business-based videos for making your brand famous.

Advantages of Filmora video editing software

  • The best and time-saving video editor has advanced features and tools for the users to make changes in video clips instantly.
  • Compatible with all windows having a 64bit operating system including windows7/8/10/11.
  • Make new videos using short video clips or images with all advanced-level filters in your IOS.
  • Apply new filters on your video having unique and funny video clips. Add audio tracks and new sound effects to YouTube videos to upload on your channel.
  • Make brand-based videos for your company products using a logo in your video. You can use your brand logo for making a short video to introduce your products to customers.
  • Change video sounds by adding new tracks and audio to your videos.
  • Use the speed control feature to slow down or fast a video clip to make it unique. This unique feature lets the users edit their videos and get a new one.
  • The software has user-friendly and time-saving user interfaces with a complete guidelines for all tools.
  • You can use short keyboard commands for video editing to save time.
  • Edit your video clips instantly with all advanced audio and video tools as you want to make changes.
  • Change background, color combination, and real filters of your videos to make them unique.
  • Apply screen split filter on your videos and create funny videos to have memorable moments.

Change background colors and video color combinations for advanced editing. Use AR stickers and text animation on your videos for making them unique and attractive. Text editing helps the editors to write a description of the videos for the users. A company can use this video editor to make product-related videos for customer awareness.

Features of Filmora video editing software

  • Safe and secure 
  • Free to download 
  • Easy user interface 
  • Unlimited backgrounds
  • Best color gradation tool
  • Change color combination in video  
  • Add text and AR stickers to the video
  • Change music or videos during editing
  • Record videos on mac operating system 
  • Create new videos using short clips or images

Filmora is the best video editor for video editing and creating new videos instantly. Users can install this video editor on the IOS having 64bit system on any windows and use it for high video editing. Buy a user plan from according to your needs and get all features and tools for free in Filmora Video Editor. Buy an individual or business plan of Filmora video editing to edit your videos according to your need getting all high editing tools in the software for free.


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Get Filmora Video Editing Software to edit 4K videos on your IOS in high HD Quality. Use all video editing features including AR stickers, transition effects, backgrounds, color gradation, and color combination for your videos. all these features work instantly and let you fast edition in your YouTube videos. Purchase your price plan from for fast and secure video editing on your mac operation system and windows.

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