Mesothelioma Veterans Compensation


People working in environments with high asbestos exposure are most likely to develop mesothelioma. According to Mesothelioma Veterans Center, manufacturers of asbestos products set a trust fund to compensate persons affected with mesothelioma. Veteran benefits vary and can be categorized into eligible and entitled benefits. Some key benefits accrue automatically from serving a company, while other veterans are entitled to care services and additional compensation under various conditions.

The three significant types of veteran benefits include automatic benefits, health care benefits that support long-term survival needs and disability compensation that covers injuries and illnesses that occur in the course of duty. Veterans who leave their workplaces after diagnosis with mesothelioma or other asbestos-related health issues are eligible for compensation through the trust fund. There are three ways through which eligibility for compensation is proven;

Proof of Disability

Individuals who apply for compensation must prove disability. In cases where disability is a result of asbestos exposure, the applicant must show evidence of a disease like mesothelioma, lung cancer, or any other illnesses associated with asbestos. The proof comes from a doctor’s report that contains the diagnosis and medical records such as biopsies and x-rays. Asbestos exposure is not enough evidence when claiming benefits.

Service Proof

A person applying for compensation must show proof of service provision in an asbestos environment. The company should present a certificate of service for one to be eligible for compensation.

Proof of Cause

Veterans have to show that their disability resulted from asbestos exposure. Sometimes this proof can be tricky, especially if one is no longer an employee of that company or has retired. The evidence that asbestos exposure occurred while discharging their duties at the company and not elsewhere is vital. Experienced attorneys in the field of health issues will help you get the proof needed for approval.

Mesothelioma Veteran Benefits

Disability claims for mesothelioma veterans are categorized into different types of allegations depending on individual needs. Every claim is unique and is administered under health care requirements and what needs compensation. Claimants need to provide as much information as possible when filling a request since the compensation process involves a lot of analysis and consideration.

The various categories of compensation include the following;

Disability Compensation

It comprises the monthly compensation to an eligible veteran. Disability compensation is usually free as it relates to service-related disability. Mesothelioma patients may get compensation for the expensive medical attention, pain, and suffering. Disability compensation schemes assess the extent of a veteran’s disability before determining the amount of monthly payment.

Special Monthly Compensation

It is compensation beyond the basic monthly payment. It applies in unique circumstances where the disability resulting from mesothelioma renders a claimant immobile and needs special equipment and attention.

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation

It involves benefits that are passed on to mesothelioma veterans dependent survivors such as children and spouse. It applies to veterans who died while performing their duties or as a result of exposure-related illnesses. The categories of help in streamlining service delivery ensure veterans get the best services in the shortest time possible in trust centers.

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