Megasquad slot games explained 


Nowadays, with the vast expansion of the online slot world, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. There are so many new and exciting games out there that are ready to be played at the click of a button. But we know all too well that sometimes it can be jarring to attempt and understand all the new formats out there.

If you are reading this article, this means you are interested in learning about megasquads: the hottest online slot game format out there. So stick with us as we break down how megasquads work so that you can enjoy the best slots offers

What is Megasquad?

Megasquad is often seen as a very hard beast to tackle, when in reality it is not. Megasquad is a type of slot engine, and many games will be built using it.

Megasquad follows in the footsteps of other famed online slot engines such as Megaways and Megaclusters and continues to carry the torch of innovation in the slot world.

Megasquads is most easily explained as for small slot games integrated into one. These “small slot games” all interact together to create an exceptional experience where you can increase your chance of winning dramatically.

In most circumstances, you have access to 250 different ways of winning, and when you include other features including free spins you can get into the millions of different ways to win the day. 

Features of slot games

Megasquad games have a host of different features that make this mechanism so prized and celebrated. Here is a list of a few of the key features that you will find in every megasquads game. So sit back, get informed, and enjoy the ride to becoming more knowledgeable. 

  •     The base game offers 4 different slot games that could be considered as small slot games within one big one. This makes it that you have 265 different ways of winning, in the base game alone!
  •     The rainbow wild: this feature lets two magnificent worlds collide. When rainbow wild is activated two of the slot games inside the larger game merge and you unlock 65,000 different ways of winning, f that is not attractive I don’t know what is.
  •     Free spins: this is where the money is. When you are playing megasquad games you need to hunt for those bonus rounds. Once triggered these bonus rounds come with added multipliers that can increase your payouts all while you are improving your chances of winning. With the free spins, you unlock 4,000 different winning combination possibilities. And if you combine all 4 slot games you can get in the millions of winning combinations. 


Megasquad has attracted a lot of attention ever since it made it’s splash. This has attracted avid supporters and haters alike. Despite the kinks in the game, megasquad has the potential to become the best online slot game engine in the world. That said, remember to bet responsibly with a clearly defined budget and make sure you are placing your money with a reputable casino. Also, don’t forget to have fun!

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