Medicine Versus Engineering: Which Is The Better Degree To Pursue?



Medicine and degrees have been the top priority of science students for many years. It’s because these two fields offer immense opportunities to students after graduation. However, a lot of students are stuck in this dilemma which is right for them.

Since it can significantly impact their professional life, it’s the most important decision of their life. Therefore, students should carefully introspect and figure out where their interests lie and choose accordingly. Once they identify their career path, it will become easier to take admission in one of the top Colleges in Dubai. If you are indecisive about that, here you will get some clarity to choose your career path.

Medicine Versus Engineering

In this article, we will compare different aspects of the two career options. After reading this, you can decide which career option is suitable for you.

Understand Your Interest

Everyone has a unique choice of living their life. So, the first step for determining your career path is to understand your interest. Are you interested in helping patients or people who are falling sick, then a career in medicine is the better option. Similarly, you think for a particular field of engineering.

At some point, your interest may lie in both career options. In that case, you need to explore more about different aspects of the two career paths. For example, what is the lifestyle, salary, years of education, and training, job opportunities, stability, etc.? The more you learn about the domain, the better decision you can take for your career.

Which is Easier for Admission?

When it comes to admission, your academics performance is crucial for engineering admission. If you are good at subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or IT, you may get admission into an engineering degree. There may be some qualifying exams for entering into a particular university.

On the other hand, if you want to build a medical career, you not only require good academic results, but also you should be good at your personality. Since you will be treating patients, it’s important that you need to be empathetic. Getting admission to medical colleges is a little more difficult than engineering admission.

Fees and Duration of Degree

The fees for an engineering degree may vary from institution to institution. If you want to study abroad, it’s crucial to consider the fees. Since the tuition fee varies largely from one country to the other, you should first know which institutions are better for you. It goes the same for a medical degree as well.

However, the duration of the medical degree is more than an engineering degree, no matter which college you choose. Since the duration is more, the course fee is also more in the case of a medical degree. When you consider the fees, you should also include the cost of living in the city you want to choose to study.

Training After Graduation

Usually, students from engineering backgrounds go straight to the job market. In most cases, there is no compulsory training after graduating in engineering. However, the company you join should provide a license of engineering for certain projects in some specific countries.

On the contrary, you will go for intensive medical training if you want to study medicine. You cannot practice medicine without proper training. You need medical training certification before you practice a particular field of medicine.

Job Opportunities

Since both the fields have good job opportunities, most students choose either of the fields. There are certain fields in engineering such as software, robotics, petroleum, which have better job opportunities than other fields. However, job security in the case of engineering is not on par with medicine.

One of the most secure career options is medicine. Doctors are always needed, and they have strong job security. While engineering jobs rely on various factors such as infrastructure development, economy, medical jobs are always in demand. Therefore, students from medical backgrounds very rarely become unemployed.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have got some clarity on the two demanding career options. Now that you have understood different aspects of the two career options, you can compare them and choose which career option is better for you. Remember, your interest plays one of the critical roles in selecting the right career.

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