Measures and preventive measures to control the progression of young baldness


Recently, the number of people in their teens to 20s who have thin hair is increasing, and thinning hair and balding are becoming younger. There are three types of balding. such as

  • M-shaped: The type where the shaving part recedes at the frontal region
  • O-shaped: The type where the top part becomes thinner at the crown
  • U-shaped: The type that can be seen at U as a result of the receding frontal region

17 to 18 years old Many people suffer from young baldness at age, and most of them have AGA (male pattern baldness).

 What is the cause of young baldness?

One of the causes of young baldness is the possibility of heredity. The principle of scalp peeling with AGA is that the male hormone “testosterone” is changed to “dihydrosterone” by an enzyme called “5α-reductase”. Then, the receptors “dihydrosterone” and “androgen receptor” are linked to causing hair loss.

The function of “5α-reductase” and the ease of binding of “androgen receptor” is determined by inheritance from the parent. It is known that the activity of “5α-reductase” is inherited from parents. The sensitivity of the “androgen receptor” is inherited from the mother.

At present, there is an opinion that the increase in young baldness may be due to the westernization of eating habits, but the exact cause has not been clarified.

How to identify young baldness

Rest assured that it is often not AGA to the extent that the shaving part recedes a little. Many people misunderstand it, but it seems that it is within the range of normal growth. It becomes AGA when it gets quite deep, but there is no objective criterion.

As for the crown, if the hair becomes thinner and the skin becomes visible, there is a high possibility of AGA. Another characteristic of AGA is that the hair that has fallen out becomes thinner and shorter, and the stiffness of the hair becomes weaker. So you wanted to know how to treat balding.

control the progression of young baldness

 Take proper hair care

Although it is ineffective in suppressing AGA, daily hair care is important to keep the scalp environment healthy and prevent problems such as hair loss. The most important way to wash your hair is to lather the shampoo thoroughly and then carefully wash your hair and scalp, especially for the hairline and back of the head, which have many unrinsed residues.

Also, it is not possible to wash it too strongly or raise your nails. It may damage the skin and allow germs to enter and propagate. If you wash your hair by pulling it, it may come off, so be sure to wash it gently and carefully with plenty of foam.

Adjust your eating habits

It’s unclear if the diet is related to AGA, but undernourishment can cause hair loss. It is important to pay attention to the daily nutritional balance of vitamins and minerals, not to have an unbalanced diet.

Also, since hair is made of a protein called “keratin,” it is advisable to take good quality protein.

■ Ingredients:

  • meat
  • seafood
  • eggs
  • soybean products
  • dairy products that generally contain a lot of protein

Get AGA treatment

The most common AGA treatment is treatment with swallows or ointments. If it is internal medicine, prescribe a therapeutic drug containing ingredients. such as “finasteride” and “dutasteride.”

In addition, there is also a hair transplant treatment that takes hair from the back of your head and plants it. If you are concerned about the possibility of AGA, consider consulting with a specialized medical institution to get an accurate picture.

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