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We live in a very busy and stressful world out there. It’s fairly okay if you’re a bachelor and don’t have a family to look after, you can focus on your career and take it all in. However, once you’re a family man you should be taking some time out for your family and take them out. This creates a sense of belonging and unity which goes a long way. To have a fun time people approach different activities. Places like Las Vegas selfie museum or movies etc are a fun way to spend some quality time.

This is one phase of the picture the other one is to have proper events with family or friends or even with some corporate employees. However, Private events are a big task to execute especially if they hold too much important for you. There are so many things people look into before finally executing it. Nonetheless, if you know a little about you’d be aware that looking for places to organise events is not a big task anymore. In this article, we will take you through some events that can be organised by If that sounds interesting, let us dive right into it.

Private Events Organised by Mazerooms

1) Birthday Parties

Searching for a unique birthday celebration idea that people will not only remember but also talk about for weeks? At Maze Rooms, celebrate your birthday! They provide a fresh and fun challenge that will make your celebration memorable. You and your visitors will cooperate to achieve a challenging objective while being imprisoned in a room at Maze Rooms. You and your team will have 60 minutes to decipher the puzzles and riddles in order to escape!

Everything can be planned for you by them. You are welcome to set up shop in our waiting area with your own food, desserts, and beverages. Moreover, you can deliver decorations in advance so that we can set them up (or we can organize them for you at additional expense). For the birthday person to find, they could even hide a gift in the space! You have the option of renting the entire facility or simply a playing area for your birthday party.

2) Team Building/Corporate Events

If done properly, team-building exercises may be incredibly beneficial for workplace productivity and morale. Why are live escape games beneficial for team-building exercises?


Because of this, Maze Rooms can assist you in planning an exciting team-building activity. Participants in the tough game experience will not only have fun but their various talents will also be tested and improved over the course of 60 minutes.

3) Surprise Proposals

Want to pop the question to your special someone in a memorable and original way? Give them the proposal of a lifetime by popping the question at the Maze Rooms! You were the only two people trapped in the room (so intimate and romantic! ), attempting to figure out how to escape and deal with issues. Your significant other may discover a concealed ring (or an equivalent) along the road, at which point you can make the best surprise proposal by popping the question.

They can set up decorations, flowers, a champagne toast, etc. in the room or in the reception for when you leave the room (all provided at your expense). They can also alter the space to fit any imaginative plans you have for a unique proposal.

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