Stubby Dish with Numerous Benefits, Salmon with Honey Twists


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Health is wealth, and we do not have any doubt regarding that. We must intake those foods which are nutritious, and there is no alternative. There is plenty of food that contains a high amount of protein and other useful elements that can fight against harmful germs. Meanwhile, we must think about the nourishments that can remove cholesterol levels. However, the only food intake is not a concern, and the real problem is a proper food diet.

Today we are here with a delicious recipe that waters people’s mouths and has plenty of benefits for our health. The name of the formula is Salmon with Honey Twists. Instead of salmon, you can use other sea fishes as well. Let’s jump on the recipes.

The Ingredients

As the ingredients of this delighted salmon recipe require,

  1. Half cup honey
  2. Two tablespoon soy sauce
  3. Two tablespoon Extra-virgin olive oil. For coconut flavor, you can use one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil.
  4. One tablespoon black pepper.
  5. Use salt if you need it. If the fish is from the sea, you can avoid this because sea fishes will release salt while baking.
  6. One tablespoon Red pepper powder to add the chili flavor. You can avoid this if you want.
  7. Half cup lemon juice.
  8. 2-3 cloves chopped garlic. You can use it by mincing as well.
  9. 180-200 gram salmon fillets.

Ready to Cook

Before you start cooking, do not forget to sanitize the equipment like pan, spoon, etc.

  1. At first, in a pan, put the oil. And about the flame, it should low s that the oil must heat slowly and does not carry the burning essence.
  2. When the oil is appropriately boiled, add the honey, garlic, soya sauce, red chili powder, and black pepper. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  3. When the blend is warm, in another pan, bring the coconut oil. And let the combination sit on flame for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, you must find an aromatic fragrance of the ingredients.
  4. In the pan of hot coconut oil, let the fish fillet fry. And do not forget to flip after a couple of minutes.
  5. Add the lemon juice. Adding the juice later will add the punching lemon or citrus flavor. If you do not want that punching flavor, you can add the lemon juice at the second step with other ingredients.
  6. Now, add the fried fillet to the pan of ingredients and let the whole thing on medium flame. After a while, you will notice the salmon fillets are wearing delectable colors. So far, the dish is ready. Too much cook can spoil the fishy flavor and lemon punches.
  7. Eventually, serve the salmon pieces on a plate.
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Critical Benefits of Salmon with Honey Twists

Salmon with Honey Twists contains several health benefits since the ingredients are healthy enough to improve our immune system. Some of the vital services are,

  1. This dish is full of Omega-3, which helps the body gain essential fatty acid and cut the harmful acids.
  2. Since the main course is salmon, hence we can gain plenty of vitamin B and other vitamins.
  3. The oils that are present in this dish contain plenty of antioxidant properties.
  4. This dish can fight against heart diseases as well.
  5. It is an ideal dinner time dish for the people who are maintaining a diet chart to control or cut the body weight.
  6. Sea fishes are a great source of fiber, iodine, and protein. Unlike beef and mutton, it serves only protein and other helpful elements.

Endwise, to avoid the risks related to health, today’s scientists and physicians are assisting people in intaking seafood instead of beef, mutton, and other foods with high cholesterol levels.

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