Man-Made Diamond Buying Guide


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Since natural diamonds are expensive, people prefer to buy man-made diamonds which are cheaper but equally attractive as natural ones. Man-made diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds and there are various types of research regarding the synthesis of artificial or man-made diamonds but some research says that man-made diamonds are created by using CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) or HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature) methods.

People do not have much clarity or knowledge about man-made diamonds but when it comes to environment-friendly and affordable diamonds they always choose to prefer artificial diamonds over real ones.

Read on to know more about diamonds and how are they different from real ones.

What are man-made diamonds and how do they differ from real ones?

Man-made diamonds are manufactured in a lab and they are known by various other names such as artisan diamonds, cultured, engineered, laboratory grown, etc.

One cannot differentiate between real diamonds and lab-grown diamonds because they look the same and also have the same chemical and physical properties.

Although both man-made diamonds and real diamonds are similar, what makes them different is their origin. Natural diamonds are a product of mining but lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a lab by using different technologies. One of the technologies used in creating a lab-grown diamond is cutting-edge Technology.

Diamonds are not only used in making jewellery they have other functionalities as well. Many lab-grown or man-made diamonds are in huge demand from various Industries. Man-made diamonds are used in electrical appliances, as polishing tools, and in heat sinks.

Apart from being different in origin, there are various other factors associated with lab diamonds vs real diamonds. Unlike real diamonds, man-made diamonds are free from dirt or impurity. Since artificial diamonds are prepared in a lab they are more environmentally friendly as compared to real diamonds.One of the major factors that differentiate real diamonds from natural from artificial diamonds is the price range. Real diamonds are more expensive than artificial ones, hence people prefer to choose man-made diamonds over natural ones.

Buying guide for man-made diamonds

When someone wants to buy a Man-made lab diamond wholesale it is always advised to buy it from a reputed company. is one such company that provides top-quality diamonds to its customers. Since the website of the companies is user-friendly hence customers can choose the best diamond for themselves effortlessly.

The website of company provides customers with various selections and options which help them to choose and compare different diamonds and take the best ones. Moreover, the website helps customers to set a budget and buy Rare Carat Lab diamonds according to their range. Also, the website helps customers to buy a diamond in their affordable range.

The best part about the website is that it also gives a report on diamonds which is similar to a GIA report. The report is created by the analysis of the diamonds such as color, carat, clarity, and cut. This helps the customers to know the background of the diamond they are buying and hence have clarity of the quality as well.

Why choose for buying man-made diamonds?

Diamond shopping is not an easy task. There are several things that need to be considered when buying diamonds. Rare Carat is one such website that gives unbiased advice to customers who are willing to buy diamond rings. The company compares over a million natural & man-made diamonds at trusted retailers to help customers save money and time both. Not only that, here free gemologist also checks on the GIA-certified diamonds and checks the 4Cs of buying guide of diamonds. Due to their transparency and the tendency to stay ahead of the curve, the company currently ranks 4.9 out of 5 in both Trust pilot and Google Business Profile.


The invention of man-made diamonds has made it easy for people to buy diamonds in their affordable range. Since man-made diamonds are completely environment friendly hence their production doesn’t harm the environment in any way. The invention of man-made diamonds also helps many companies to flourish and do remarkable business in the industry. Since man-made diamonds are the same as Natural diamonds yet attractive, hence it has made a mark in the jewellery industry.

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