Make Your Feet Happy With the Best Carpet Around


Choosing an addition to your home is a big decision—especially when selecting something visually impactful, like furniture or a carpet. You are not alone in your experience with shopper’s block! Many consumers find themselves caught in the struggle of spending countless hours perusing the internet only to close out all fourteen browser tabs empty-handed.

Easy shopping can be a bit of an oxymoron when it comes to home renovations, no matter how small. Thankfully, some of the pickiest online shoppers on the internet have done the research for you!

Keep it simple.

Most consumers today turn to online shopping platforms for the added convenience and most extensive selection. If this sounds like you, Plum carpet may be the solution to your home improvement needs. First, you pick a color that best matches your personal style. If you’re having trouble visualizing it in your space, maybe get a few free samples. Don’t worry; this carpet provider has three-day shipping, so it won’t put your plans on hold for too long.

Then, consider your time and space. Select which rooms you’ll need to be carpeted and when you want the new carpet installed. If you’re planning in advance, Plum has got you covered with helpful reminders entailing pre-installation preparation. A couple of flooring technicians will come by on the day of installation, move your furniture for you, install the carpet, and then move it back when it’s finished!

Never do this again.

No matter how convenient the process is, I doubt you’re looking to replace your new carpet any time soon. Fortunately, Plum has got you covered with a lifetime warranty. This warranty is just an added protection since Plum’s proprietary carpet formulation is designed to take anything you or your pets can throw at it. It’s virtually stain-proof, and if there’s an issue, Plum sends a flooring technician to fix it.

All the Feels

Your flooring is important! It’s the first thing you touch when you get out of bed in the morning. Even the most beautiful shade of rug can’t make up for an uncomfortable feeling. You want to kick your shoes off after a long day and feel luxurious, plush support.

Plum carpets are 2x as thick as the industry average and padded with a solid-core layer underneath to ensure it stays comfortable throughout your entire lifetime warranty. The solid-core padding layer is also completely waterproof. In other words, this carpet is a pet lover’s dream come true. These carpets are designed for maximum durability and softness.

What about my old carpet?

Out with the old, in with the new. Removing a carpet is totally a pain. Unless you’ve chosen to do business with this particular carpet brand, they’ll come to pull up and throw out your old carpet for you. If you need a repair or replacement 1/4 round, that’s covered too. As mentioned above, technicians also remove your furniture for you to start the removal and installation process. The only thing you have to worry about is removing the small items and unplugging any electronics in the room.

Home renovation doesn’t have to be a chore! Well, at the very least, you’ve got the carpeting needs covered. You’re on your own with the cabinet replacement. For more information and a custom pricing guide to help you get started with your new rug, visit Plum’s website. You can view swatches of the most popular carpet shades and put in an order for your free samples. New carpet is a commitment. If you choose this company, it’s a lifetime commitment! It is worth it to ensure you’ll love what you’re walking on forever.

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