Make compelling political yard signs with these time-tested and viable design ideas 


For any successful and impressionable political campaign, conveying your messaging holds absolute paramountcy. Well-designed and articulated political yard signs help in capturing voters’ attention. You can then stitch your platform and name in their names before the election day arrives. 

  • The basics include using bold, contrasting shades. Easy-to-read texts are a must and people should be able to read it from a distance.
  • A memorable catchphrase or slogan is important. Keep the sign simple and size up your text font. Add an action word to make it heavier.
  • One of the best methods to create local awareness of your party or yourself is to place/install marketing materials or resources around the town in a strategic manner. 
  • Before you design your campaign resources, you must check the local regulations as jurisdictions may regulate the location and size of your political signs.
  • There are reputable companies creating and printing banners, posters, and signs with your name and vivid message. 

You can create election signs and display them outside stores, in lawns and popular local sights/spots. You can choose from a wide assortment of sizes or customize your sign with PVC, metal, or corrugated plastic. It helps you make your own statement. 

Make your sign stand out

People often make an error by trying to accommodate too many things into their sign. Due to its size, it’s crucial for you to select just one piece of information. Make it bold and replenish the entire breadth of the concerned sign. There are different ideas for visualization.

  • You can use photos to mark a difference. A full-color digital printing bolsters photo on yard signs. 
  • Notwithstanding the effort it takes, a high-resolution photo can enhance your photo. Strategize your sign design when making your photo angles and position.
  • A photo you shoot with your smartphone is totally acceptable. You just need to ensure that you shoot with optimum resolution setting. 
  • The background needs to be austere and it mustn’t compete with the picture. 

You can also choose a green screen background and edit the concerned photo on your profile’s outline. It renders a more sophisticated and elegant sign. 

Make winsome signs

An election campaign with persuasive, trusty, and impressionable political signs can woo voters. Political signs should have the best colors. These are blue, white, and red. Focus on the nuances and subtleties in each shade. 

  • Different colors provide an outstanding range, making a personal statement. You just need to ensure that the lettering and background entails high contrast to create maximum readability. 
  • Your sign size needs to stand out. The range is 12-40 inches. You can go a little bigger as well. The idea is to create a lasting impression on the passersby. Don’t make it too big. Avoid making it obnoxious or too loud.
  • From withstanding the climate and speaking to your target audience, your yard signs must represent and illustrate your symbols as well. 

Since you place them outdoors, weatherproof materials are mandatory. Mesh, aluminum, vinyl, and corrugated plastic are the best options for strength and durability under different weather conditions. 

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