Looking for Lightweight and Durable Frames? Check Out These 4 Metal Frame Glasses


Everyone likes to invest in spectacles that are lightweight, durable, and stylish. While the options were initially limited to simple, thick-framed glasses, it is not the case anymore. With so many styles available in the market, you can always pick the one that suits your face shape. But with so many designs available in the market, how do you know which is right for you?

While there are many options to choose from when it comes to the style, selecting a sunglass that provides maximum comfort is most important. Let us now discuss why lightweight and metal frame glasses are always the best option. Check out these tips before deciding on a metal specs frame. Explore the reasons why lightweight glasses may be the right choice for you.

Lightweight Glasses Scream Comfort

Spectacles or glasses are a permanent accessory for most. So, there is nothing wrong with making comfort your priority. It is, therefore, always advisable to pick up the glasses you are most relaxed in. The best way to pick one is to opt for lightweight metal glasses that make you feel like you are wearing nothing.

Light Frames Remove Pressure Points From Your Face

Just like everything else, even sunglasses are always drawn toward gravity, putting pressure on various areas of your face. While that is a mild pressure, bearing them for as long as 16-17 hours daily causes long-term discomfort. To avoid pain, one can always choose metal spec frames. They are simply the best when it comes to durability and ease.

Lightweight Glasses Stay in Place

If your glasses constantly slide down your nose bridge, it is time to switch to lightweight glasses. With lightweight glasses, you need not always push them up your nose or press them back behind your ears. Choose the light glasses to make you feel like they float on your face.

Lightweight Frames are Durable

Metal frame glasses are not only lightweight, but they also last longer than your heavy glasses counterparts. These damage-resistant metal spec frames are less susceptible to damage and corrosion. Even if they slip and fall, the chances of breaking are meagre.

Shapes & Sizes of Metal Frame Glasses to Choose From

When looking out for the best specs, hands-down lenses are the first. Always focus on the quality of lenses because they help you see clearly. But if you struggle with which shape to choose, here are some options you can choose.

Black Rectangle Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses

Half-rimmed metal frame glasses never go out of style. They are the best when styling with both professional and casual looks. These lightweight metal frame glasses are the best when worn daily and offer maximum comfort.

Black Aviator Rimless Eyeglasses

The rimless aviator glasses are the new age style statement. These super light and transparent frames offer maximum comfort and go well with every attire. If you are looking for something apart from your regular wear glasses, then these are the best shape of spectacles to go for.

Purple Rectangle Rimless Eyeglasses

If an aviator is not your shape, then choose rectangular rimless glasses. These are the best metal glasses to choose from. These shapes are best suited for every face type and are the best choice for everyday fashion.

Black Rectangle Rimmed Eyeglasses

The nerdy and geeky look is on, and so are these metal frame glasses. These metal frame glasses are super lightweight and add a touch of style to your ensemble. Add these must-have geeky black glasses to your wardrobe and flaunt your fashionable look forward.

So, if you are looking for lightweight and durable Frames, your search ends right here. Visit your nearest Titan Eyeplus, Fastrack and Sonata showroom and choose from the wide range of options.

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