Look Cool and Smart in Sweatshirts


First of all, sweatshirts are a staple in American casual fashion. In other words, everyone knows that wearing a sweatshirt is something you do when you just want to relax and not worry about looking too dressy for whatever occasion.

Sweatshirts have been worn by many cool people before us including [insert celebrity names] who have made this apparel item look so good it’s no wonder everyone loves them! But I felt the need to put together a little ‘guide’ on looking good in your sweatshirt so hopefully more people can learn how to rock this look properly.

So here we go: What’s The Best Way to Wear an Anti Social Social Club Sweatshirt?

Wearing a Sweatshirt with Denim

Now, you might be thinking “I’ve seen people wear this before and it doesn’t look that cool”, but I know for a fact that wearing these items is the only way to do it! I mean, not everyone looks good in skinny jeans, but your odds of looking like a boss go up exponentially when you’re wearing them with a sweatshirt.

Wearing a Sweatshirt with Sneakers/Trainers

Now, most people will say that they don’t look good together at all (mainly people who haven’t tried wearing them yet), but trust me on this one; these two things work perfectly with each other. You can wear them with almost any kind of footwear, but trainers are always the best way to go.

I would also recommend getting a sweatshirt with no zipper because zippers ruin the whole ‘sneakers and sweats’ vibe you’re going for.

Wearing a Sweatshirt with A Blazer

Now this might be difficult for some of you out there, but if you can pull it off then these two work great together! The trick here is to get a sweatshirt that’s not too thick so it doesn’t look uncomfortable and your blazer has to be fitted nicely or else it’ll look like an oversized top. You could even try wearing one of those light windbreakers over your blazer and/or sweatshirt if you want, but it’s honestly not necessary. More Information Visit this site: f95zone

Wearing a Sweatshirt with Your School Uniform/Work Attire

This is probably the most common form of sweatshirt wear because it literally goes with anything! All you have to do is get a simple grey or navy blue sweatshirt and you’re good to go whether you’re at school or work.

Wearing a Sweatshirt with Jeans and Boots Or Flats

Once again, pretty self-explanatory. I’m sure this look would be everyone’s favorite since no one likes wearing jeans tucked into their boots or flats. If the weather permits, then by all means there are no rules against throwing on your hoodie before you slip on your snow boots or rain boots.

So, what’s the moral of this article? Comme Des Garcons Hoodies are cool and everyone should wear them! They make you look good no matter who you are; whether it be an athlete, someone who wants to relax (like me), or even a teacher trying to maintain that semi-casual teacher persona. This guide is perfect for all ages and genders so if anyone has any questions regarding this topic be sure to leave it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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