Locum Tenens Anesthesia Salary: Is It Worth It & How To Get An Increase


If you are an anesthesiologist, then you have definitely spent years and years perfecting your knowledge and your skills. Those years of studying have finally paid off once you realized that you can start doing something you love and be very well paid for it. You can definitely make a lot of money in this profession, and, as you will quickly see, the locum tenens anesthesia salary can be even higher than the traditional one.

In case you don’t really know what this position entails, let me make it clear. Locum tenens are people who temporarily fill in certain vacancies. In other words, they work on temporary assignments. Those assignments can be in different locations, meaning that these professionals will get to travel quite a lot, provided that they want that. Anyway, if you are an anesthesiologist, I suppose you already know what those locum tenens positions entail.

There’s a good chance that you’re not sure if you want to become a locum tenens, and that you have certain doubts. Those doubts are most likely connected to the salaries of these professionals. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time learning and you’re constantly trying to improve your knowledge and your skills, meaning that you deserve to be paid well. So, you don’t want to assume certain positions if they cannot provide you with a good salary.

That is all perfectly understandable. Thus, what you need to learn is whether the salaries for locum tenens anesthesiologists are actually good, and whether there is a way to increase them even further. Those are definitely all important questions, and we are now going to have a look at the answers. That way, you’ll know what the right next step in your career really is.

Here’s some general pay info for anesthesiologists: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewdepietro/2020/04/17/anesthesiologist-salary-state/?sh=1177d85d6828

Is The Locum Tenens Anesthesiologists Salary Good?

The first thing you are wondering is whether these professionals working on these positions are actually earning enough money. And, the simple answer is yes. The actual salaries will depend on the specific skills, the location, shifts, staffing demands and similar factors, but you can expect to earn more than $200/hour, which is definitely great money. So, the average weekly pay is somewhere around $4000.

Can You Increase It?

If you are now trying to figure out whether these salaries can be increased even further, then you should read on. The answer to this question is yes, but here is the thing. You need to put some effort into increasing these earnings. In different words, you need to know how to maximize them, because that won’t just happen all on its own. So, what we are going to do now is help you learn how to maximize your profits as a locum tenens anesthesiologist.

How To Increase It?

I have previously mentioned that the actual salaries will depend on numerous different factors. The location of the facility is one of those factors. So, it goes without saying that you should be open to changing locations in order to maximize your earnings. Rural areas can especially be of help in the process of increasing your earnings.

This is because most doctors don’t like the idea of working in rural areas. For that reason, the demand for these professionals is quite high in those places. And, when the demand is high, the salary will also be higher, which is a great thing for you. So, use those rural opportunities and try to be as flexible as possible with locations in general.

Most people assume that anesthesiologists have just one role in medical facilities, i.e. prepping people for surgeries by putting them to sleep. Since you are an expert in this field, you know that anesthesiologists can do much more than that, as explained here. The simple truth is, though, that not all of these experts will be able to cover all the roles, especially if they haven’t spent any time broadening their skills. If, however, you want to maximize your earnings, you should undeniably work on broadening your skills, because that’s how you’ll be able to find a lot of greater job opportunities.

Weekends and night shifts are certainly nobody’s favorites. Yet, someone needs to work those as well. The great thing about those shifts is that they are paid more. Thus, if you are looking for ways to maximize your salary, you should undeniably be available for those specific shifts.

Apart from agreeing to some unpopular shifts, you should also think about the hours that you’re ready to put into this work. Obviously, the longer you work, the higher your salary will actually be. If you have the time, you should agree to work longer hours, with the aim of maximizing your earnings and being perfectly happy with the salary you’ll get.

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