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Entering college marks an important turning point in the lives of our children. It is usually during this period that we offer them more autonomy, when school schedules are no longer fixed and they are too large to be taken care of by a childminder. But for many parents, entering adolescence is a source of anxiety that the smartphone partly alleviates. Reachable at any time if they are worried, young teens benefit from a form of remote vigilance that reassures mothers and fathers who are reluctant to offer them too much freedom at once.

The advantage of the smartphone also goes beyond its simple communication function. Thanks to the GPS transmitter it contains, it becomes possible to know in real-time the geographical position and the history of the journeys of your child. Two types of information that Wondershare, through FamiSafe parental control app, is committed to providing you when needed through FamiSafe, its multifunctional and reliable parental control app.

Why follow the movements of your child?

Far be it from you to spy on your teenager when he is not at home. However, for various reasons and past experiences, it would be well worth it for you to check from time to time which routes it takes. You better know how to track a cell phone. Has he been in class this morning? Why did it take longer than usual to get home last night? Is he careful not to go through this poorly lit alley after dark? So many questions that raise concerns for those who do not feel ready to give up more ballast.

FamiSafe traces daily routes transparently

To take advantage of the security coverage offered by FamiSafe, it is essential to install the application on your smartphone and that of your child. He is therefore perfectly aware of your vigilance towards him. Also, when FamiSafe is running, the app icon will appear in the notification area of ​​your teen’s phone.

In addition to showing you the location of your child in real-time, FamiSafe records their movements and allows you to consult them later thanks to the location history. There is therefore no need to consult the application every five minutes. If in doubt, you can find all the trips made over the last days, weeks, or months at any time.

Finally, a geofencing option allows you to save important places in the application so that you are alerted in real-time when your teen is there.

Increased vigilance thanks to many bonus features

Because knowing where your child is located is not enough to watch over him from a distance, FamiSafe comes with additional features designed to provide a healthy and secure digital environment, especially when surfing the Internet.

It’s no secret that not all web content is suitable for children. Depending on the age of your teenager and the trust you place in him, FamiSafe allows you to generate blacklists and whitelists that you add to banned or allowed URLs. Thus filtered, search results are automatically cut off from websites considered inappropriate. It can be violent or pornographic content, but also social networks when your child is not yet old enough to create a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter profile.

The app blocker is the perfect complement to web filters. It’s up to you to point out unsuitable apps. FamiSafe takes care of preventing it from being used and alerts you as soon as your child tries to access it.

Blocking applications is not necessarily permanent. If you want to be flexible but restrict the time your teen spends on Snapchat, you can set a daily usage limit specific to this app.

More generally, you can also configure a daily smartphone usage limit. Once the time has elapsed, FamiSafe automatically locks your child’s phone, which can no longer be used other than to check the time. You are free to temporarily lift this restriction when necessary.

Finally, because the danger does not lurk only on search engines, FamiSafe embeds an option for detecting explicit content within instant messaging and SMS applications. Hate and pornographic comments are instantly reported to you, along with suspicious photos. Obviously, you can only access text deemed violent, and not all conversations.

How much does FamiSafe cost?

FamiSafe declines its subscription offer in three short, medium, and long term formulas. Before committing to the year, it’s okay to subscribe for a month, and thus verify that this is the tool you need. Note that the longer the subscription, the more the prices are decreasing:

$ 9.99 for 1 month

$ 6.99 / month for 3 months (billed $ 19.99 all at once)

$ 4.99 / month for 1 year (billed $ 59.99 all at once)

Whatever plan you choose, you benefit from all of the aforementioned features without tacit renewal of the subscription.

Install and configure FamiSafe:

Start by downloading FamiSafe on your smartphone and on your child’s smartphone. On your child’s smartphone, log in to your user account. These are the credentials you enter when subscribing to FamiSafe. Select the “Child” module and authorize the access necessary for the proper functioning of the application.

Set up FamiSafe on your smartphone and on your child’s smartphone:

On your smartphone, log into your user account. Select “Parent” mode, then add your child’s smartphone. You can check the correct synchronization of the two phones in the application settings.

Locate your teenager’s smartphone using FamiSafe:

Check the synchronization between your smartphone and that of your child. FamiSafe is set up and ready to take care of your teen’s mobile activities.

Track your teen’s movements in real time:

On the FamiSafe home page, you can access your child’s real-time location. The available map geolocates your teenager and indicates his battery level. Note that when its battery level is low, you will receive an alert on your smartphone, which can be accessed in detail from the app’s notification center.

This home page also reports on your child’s mobile activities during the day. You can view the applications used, the screen time spent on each, and can use shortcuts to remotely lock your teen’s smartphone.


This is a great tracker app. And not only as a tracker, Famisafe also serves as a great online activity organizer for your kids. With less than $10/month, you can control your children well.

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