Live betting on basketball, tennis, and soccer is gaining popularity in India


You have to spend a lot of time making a bet. Often one has to get there before the odds drop. But the user has no other choice yet, as no other way to place a bet has been invented.

Those days are gone when you have to travel to the nearest gambling club to place a bet on the required match promptly. Now, with just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can easily place a bet on any sporting event. It is also possible to watch the match, settle down on the couch, drink beer, and enjoy potato chips to bet even halfway to the victory of your favorite team. Read more about modern bookmakers in India you can on our website.

Live betting and its features in India

Live betting on a smartphone is currently popular. As a rule, they are designed for more experienced players. Of course, anyone can bet, but there are several things you need to learn to profit by betting live. As the news in India confirms, most newcomers lose because of a trivial rush.

How to control your emotions in betting

First, it is important to be able to control your own emotions, as most mistakes in sports betting are caused by the wrong mood of the player himself. If the events in a basketball or soccer match do not turn out the way we want, then emotions arise – greed, fear, or hope for a successful outcome of the match. So, when betting in real-time, it is important to eliminate emotions, it is not easy, but we can control them in the long run.

When the odds are good and a white-hot streak is coming, then it’s easy to make good bets, wait for the moment, and have the patience to find a really good bet. But when something goes wrong and a bet has been made poorly, because sports are sometimes really unpredictable, then it is important not to lose control. 

In most cases, the sports fan is gripped by greed and wants to win back as quickly as possible, but more financial failure happens. So watch yourself, it is important to exclude impulsiveness and ill-considered decisions, notice when you get upset, and just take a break, if necessary.

When betting life, have a plan in advance stating what you are aiming for, how much you need to raise the odds, or what needs to happen in a sporting match to bet on the live platform. Without a plan, it will be harder to manage yourself and your invested betting money.

Live basketball betting in India

Basketball is one of the most popular sports, especially among betting customers in India. So, first, select the important matches. Ignore matches that are not important because they make it difficult to predict coaches’ decisions. 

For example, a coach might field an experimental five, save important players, or select a team to hone new combinations. In these matches, it is possible to take a risk and even make a bet against logic, and at high odds.

As a result, it is sometimes difficult to predict the outcome of an NBA game, as teams play a large number of games in the regular season, and sometimes there are not many decisive clashes. But the same cannot be said for the NBA playoffs, where every game already becomes important for all teams.

Once the game has started, it is important to note the team’s shooting percentage. If it is much higher than usual, make a bet at halftime on the amount of fewer (TM) points for the teams. After halftime, the picture will change, because neither team wants to continue in the same way, the players will get involved in the defense and it will not be easy to get into it. But it’s very important to know what team style is here. If a team is playing “run and shoot” basketball, it’s really hard to expect such a team to have discipline on defense.

How to bet on live soccer in India?

If you decide to bet live on a soccer match in the National League of India, it is important not to miss the very beginning of the broadcast and understand what the commentator is talking about. Because often during the first 5-10 minutes the soccer commentator will state the whole situation, the presentation of players and coaches, the importance of the match, and so on. Thus, it is not necessary to spend time searching for information about soccer matches, it is enough to listen to the first 5 minutes and have an opinion on what to bet on in the upcoming match.

It is also important to notice in the first minutes of a soccer match, which team takes the lead and scores first, and which team only defends. When you see this, you can bet and predict the time of the first goal or which team will score first or win the first half. Of course, you have to choose a match in which the teams in the league play, otherwise the clear favorite will always have the initiative at the beginning of the match. 

You can also bet on which team will serve more corners. The team that defends more will break the rules more, because of which you can bet that there will be more fouls or yellow cards. While soccer is still going on, it is important to note when passions become uncontrollable and the athletes or referee lose patience, then you can expect yellow cards.

Another live soccer betting tactic is to score the first goal and then bet. Because with a 0-0 score in soccer, teams play with concealed weapons, and the match can be boring. But once some team opens the scoring, the opponents will surely have all the weapons to tie the score, and then we will see open and beautiful soccer. The teams begin to show prepared tactical schemes.

Live betting on tennis in India

Before betting on a tennis match, it is important to understand that tennis is an individual sport and not a team sport like the listed basketball or soccer. It is also important to choose the right betting company in India for betting with high odds on tennis matches.

Tennis is a one-on-one fight, and a teammate won’t help if something goes wrong. Therefore, when betting on live tennis, it is important to consider the psychology and physical characteristics of the tennis players in the video broadcast. How nervous the athlete is, how long he rests during breaks, whether winning is important to him or he doesn’t care what happens on the field. So, you can only see this by watching the video broadcast, it is difficult to bet on the statistical protocols alone. 

Also, a client of the BC should be interested in tennis and know how they play, and when you notice something unusual, you can make a bet. However, this does not apply to athletes with a hot temperament, as they lose their balance in almost every match.

In a tennis match, you can bet that there will be a break in the game. It all starts with a small bet and if you don’t guess, you double the bet on the next game that there will be a break again. If you manage to win, you get to cover the lost amount and stay in the black.

It is very important to analyze before the match and choose those matches so that the opponents played at the same level, did not play defensive tennis, and had low chances for a tie-break. This will allow you to fully predict the picture of the upcoming match and place the right bet, which in the end will bring profit.

What else you need to know about live sports betting in India

If a player is only interested in betting, don’t go straight to live betting, which is done after the start of the match. First, try your strength in pre-match betting, gain experience, learn to control your own emotions, and make decisions with a cool mind. Because real-time betting requires more knowledge and control of emotions, as you can lose a lot of money in a single game.

And if you have already decided to try your hand at live betting, it is important to have a betting plan before every match and have a little foresight of what might happen and what the next steps will be. Live betting in India is like investing in stocks: the investor waits for the team’s stock to drop, the odds to rise, and then profits from a good bet. Patience, discipline, and bank management are the only way to win bets.

It is important to keep in mind that different sports are subject to different laws. Tennis is an individual sport, so the physical and psychological characteristics of the athletes play a paramount role in tennis forecasting. In team sports, such as basketball or soccer, tactics are important and the influence of coaches is much greater. Unlike tennis, basketball and soccer sometimes have unimportant games, and sometimes noticing players’ motivations in video streams makes it easy to make money. 

Meanwhile, in tennis too, because the season lasts all year round and tennis players sometimes get tired, but for every win, they get a bigger bonus from the organizers and sponsors of tennis tournaments, so theoretically they are motivated to win every match.

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