Chocolates have become one of the most desired food variety and flavor in the world. Now a day’s Chocolate gifts casted into different shapes and forms have become traditional on certain holidays. Everybody knows chocolate as a delicious sweet that we eat in cakes, candy bars, cookies, and other desserts. There are people around the world who like chocolate in its original taste that is bitter and liquid. But in most of the countries the sweeten form of chocolate is preferred. One of the brands of chocolate famous for its sweet and velvety texture is Lindt.

About Lindt

Lindt is a famous Swiss chocolatier and confectionery founded in 1845 and is known for its truffles and bars of chocolates, among the other sweets varieties. Recently in 2014 Lindt bought Whitman’s Chocolate, for about $1 billion, expending its chocolate market to a broader range by eliminating market competition. Rudolphe Lindt the master confectioner of Lindt is famous for its production of a new form of chocolate which melts on the tongue with no brittle and rough remaining surface.

Features of Lindt

  • Velvet smooth surface
  • Centre exploding with different flavours.
  • Milk Linder, Dark Surfin, Milk Hazelnut
  • Fruit Flavoured
  • Dark and White Chocolate

Types of Lindt Chocolates

  • LINDT MINI BLOCKS: Lindt Mini Block is a single rectangular box shaped chocolates containing Milk Linder, Milk Hazelnut, Dark Surfin and Cresta in milk and white chocolate. If Australian people want to buy 1kg of Lindt Mini Blocks with a gift box they can order it online from Sweet As at A$24.95 with a gift card of their choice.
  • LINDT FRUIT SENSATION: As the name suggests Lindt Fruit Sensation is a fine dark chocolate with soft fruit centre i.e. orange and pink grapefruit. And on Sweet As it costs around A$2.95 for a 150 gm bag.
  • LINDOR ORANGE BAR: Lindor Orange Bar is basically a snack bar made up of milk chocolate and orange Lindor at centre, its price on Sweet As is A$9.95 for a box of 24 pieces.
  • LINDT NAPOLITANS: This is a block shaped chocolates individually wrapped containing Lindor, Cresta, Milk chocolate, & Dark Chocolate. The bag of 1kg Lindt Napolitans contains approximately 155 pieces and costs A$19.95 on Sweet As.
  • LINDT PRESTIGE SELECTION: This Lindt Chocolate is made up of milk, white and dark chocolate. The 345g Box of Lindt Prestige Selection contains 34 pieces and costs A $19.95 on Sweet As.

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