LifeHouse Now, An Elegant Way To Furnish Your Home


Founded in 2020 in Los Angeles, LifeHouse Now didn’t need much time to establish a reputation of being a reliable site that offers only the finest services to its clients. LifeHouse now is not just another website for selling online, interested only in profits, it is a platform that knows its customers’ needs. LifeHouse Now is suited for a wide range of buyers who have different needs and budgets. Through a spokesperson, the company once said:

We understand people’s relationships with their homes, and we deliver tailored solutions with a keen eye for eco-friendly and evergreen designs in home products and at affordable prices too. If you want to know how much does it cost to furnish a house then you are at the right place. Solution tales is a website which provides you detailed information about it.

Lifehouse Now can outfit your property with the finest furniture and accessories

Lifehouse now offers a vast collection of items for your home. The website’s products are defined by the great quality and stunning design. Able to fit every style and need, their items will be delivered to you at no time.

The Living Room is a place where people spend most of the day and house their guests. Therefore, it is important to create an environment that will leave a great first impression on your guests. Lifehouse Now boasts a great collection of well-engineered wood, metal, or glass tables that will go well with any trend and suit all of your needs. Its sofas and stools are not only good-looking but also very durable and will fit in well with accessories that you choose to decorate your room with.

To outfit your kitchen, make sure to buy products designed by the expert engineers employed at Lifehouse Now. The site excels in this field, it offers everything from kitchen utensils for households, bakeries, and restaurants, to coffee and ice cream machines and pizza ovens. All of its items come with a warranty, installation assistance, and spare parts.

A bedroom is a place that perhaps requires to be the most comfortable of them all. LifeHouse Now knows that and has made a collection of the best bedroom products and accessories for you to choose from.  The site offers elegant and cozy beds, comfortable pillows and mattresses, ambient night light, handy utility, curtain styles, artistic paintings and posters, curtains, climate control, and other equipment that will turn your bedroom into a safe haven, brimming with serenity and calm.

LifeHouse Now offers a vast selection of accessories that will transform your bathroom into a place of rest and relaxation. This site offers the finest oils with relaxing aromas, vanity furniture, pillow, and cushions, neatly designed to fit any style and improve the appeal of the room.

Besides a fine collection of storage boxes, made of the finest materials and designed to save space, LifeHouse Now also offers a vast assortment of décor items. From antique lamps, durable and spacey shelves to elegant lanterns, candles, and sculptures, LifeHouse Now boasts a wide range of unique products that will enable you to decorate your house with the finest items that will match your taste. Lifehouse Now boasts a great collection of well-engineered wood to make Georgian windows, metal, or glass tables that will go well with any trend and suit all of your needs

Why should you choose Lifehouse Now?

 LifeHouse Now is a site that strives to make its customers happy by providing them with household items that will not only serve them well but bring them joy as well. Its products are affordable and reliable, the website is eager to build a great relationship with its customers by helping them outfit their homes well. The website’s founder, Mr. Bobby Borisov once stated that his company’s goal is to provide only the best service to its customers:

“We are offering the customers unique shopping experience. Our innovative online store is featuring high-quality and affordable products for homes. We have a passion for life at home, our company culture is built upon enthusiasm, trust, passion, and a ‘do it now’ attitude.”

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