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Life is nothing but fleeting moments of happiness, and tragedy is common to all. The people you think are happy – feel sad from time to time; no one is perpetually happy. But, there come times in one’s life when life itself becomes unbearable. You feel like there is no point in living anymore. People go through periods of depression when they struggle to find air. When someone close to you passes away, or when you go through a bitter divorce or a breakup, it may seem like there is no point in continuing anymore. But that is not true; every dark cloud has a silver lining. Continue reading this article to find practical tips to help you cope with your loss and find hope.

Take Time: When you go through loss, you feel alone and unloved. It is common to feel numb with shock. However, eventually, the numbness will subside, and grief will take its place. You will feel excruciating pain, but this too will go away. Time heals everything, and it will help you be whole again.

  • Do not deny your loss, as it will only delay the process of healing. Accept the fact that you have gone through something horrible. When you accept your fate, you will see that your loss is not the end of your life. There is so much more to life than this one incident.
  • No one is telling you to forget what happened to you. But you cannot spend months and years grieving the loss. For example, life still goes on after the death of your loved ones. You must pick yourself up and carry on with your life. Keep the fond memories intact, and look for a brighter tomorrow.

Let Go: At times, people are hurt because they do not know how to live in the present. They still think of those fond memories and of those people who are no longer present. At times, letting go of people becomes especially hard. For example, parents cannot forget the death of their infant child. But, if you cannot get over your loss it may negatively impact your life.

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Seek Professional Help: People, who do not know how to process grief, let it take over their lives. These people find it hard to get back to their regular work and social life. If you experience depressive episodes and encounter suicidal thoughts, contact a psychologist who might prescribe you antidepressants. Now, there are many myths about antidepressants that are not necessarily true. Some say that these pills make you dependent on them and take away your lively nature. Instead of trusting online comments, you should consult your doctor to learn more about antidepressants.

Find Joy: You cannot live long if you are not happy. Therefore, regardless of age, class, or gender, you must find happiness. Do what makes you feel good. Life offers you a limited time, so do not waste time holding on to old memories. Spend more time with your family, go on adventurous trips, watch movies or start a new passion project; do what makes you fulfilled.

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